IGN GDC 09: Confronting Censorship in Videogames

IGN writes: "Videogame makers have always confronted censorship issues from two sides: internal pressures for self-censorship and external pressures from political restrictions. Speaking in the panel "Silencing the Censors: Recent Developments in the Battle for Free Expression in Game Development," attorney Lawrence Walter recalled the late 80's when Nintendo refused to publish games with blood and required all enemies be armed or else made unkillable. Konami was forced to change the statue of a nude woman in the background of Castlevania IV (Super Castlevania in North America) to be cleared for release."

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Rip-Ridah3526d ago

HEAVY RAIN. It is by far my most anticipated game...EVER. The positive impact that this game may possibly have on our beloved industry is a great thing for all gamers. Heavy Rain could single handedly bring the videogame medium on par with the movie industry as far as mainstream notoriety and being looked upon as a form of "artistic expression." Imagine for a moment, videogames receiving the types of age ratings that movies' receives. (e.g. Rated G, PG, PG-13, R) This is huge because the movie industry, as well as television broadcasts/programs, are allowed to get away with much less censorship than videogames are allowed. Many influential people (congress, politicians, etc.) look upon videogames as a "toy" or "for kids." Just like certain movies and/or tv shows, some videogames are for children; while others cater to an adult audience. Heavy Rain is set to be an experience that has yet to be attempted in videogames. David Cage, the writer and director of Heavy Rain, has already stated that he is going outside of the box when it comes to the mature themes and story for this game. I'll provide a few links that hopefully more of you can get a clearer picture of what this guy is trying to do with Heavy Rain.

This should help clarify some things regarding Heavy Rain. Just click "PDF" and you will have access to the whole magazine which has a 4 page spread interview with Heavy Rain's Director David Cage. It also has a few new screenshots. The interview starts on page 7.

Here is an earlier interview with David Cage: