How To Build a PC for Games: Choosing the Parts

Joel Spencer: "The number one thing that people say when asked about the advantages of a gaming PC over a console is superior graphics and upgradability. But for the man on the street PC hardware is a veritable minefield of confusing product names, superfluous adjectives slapped on the end of components, and competing manufacturers offering proprietary technology.

That's why we at SquareGo have scoured the internet and the shops of Glasgow and Edinburgh to find the best quality components, there's no need to worry whether or not these parts are compatible as all the hard work has been done for you. We'll split the components into two sections: high and medium end gaming machines with the total price for each not to exceed £1400 and £700 respectively. As well as maintaining a sensible price point, relatively few retailers offer prebuilt machines for either of these two price points and those that do are unable to offer the same pure value, as they charge for assembly."

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