GDC: Mm Is 'Halfway Through' LBP

EuroGamer Writes:

"In a candid Game Developers Conference session, Mark Healey and Alex Evans - leading lights of LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule - revealed that the studio wants to develop the game much further.

"We want LittleBigPlanet to be something that enables people to make games, not platform game levels." Healey said the moment he'd got a working version of Tetris up and running in the game was when he'd proved to himself that the team was on the right track."

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LeShin3220d ago

This game really doesn't get old! I had to literally stop myself from playing/creating for awhile just so that I could play the other games in my collection lol. Now I need to go back and finish my third masterpiece!

cyrus2283220d ago

i totally agree with u, i had to stop myself aswell lol, otherwise i wuda never played valkyria chronicles, RE5, or star ocean 4 lol. even now i wanna go make more stuff, i keep thinkin of idea's for new levels

TheMART3220d ago

LittleBigPlanet is a great game, you gotta love the support from MediaMolecule to make this even a greater game. Hearing that they're only half way of achieving the most optimal experience, that makes them one of the greatest devs in my opinion.

All props to them! What would give an extra vibe to the game would be if when a creative gamer made some objects and could sell them for money on a LBP marketplace... The same way WOW digital stuff is also sold. It would give an extra boost to make creative things.

cranium3220d ago

They're selling us half a game? This is an outrage! I'm never playing this game again.

SprSynJn3219d ago

For 'half a game' it sure is humongous! Can't wait to see the other half.