OXM Review: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Some games are touted for their superior story and immersive worlds. Others are praised for innovative controls and fantastic visuals. Wanted: Weapons of Fate, on the other hand, is in a whole separate category: games that aspire to be nothing but pure, unadulterated awesome.

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skip2mylou3551d ago

too bad the graphics are trash from how the demo looked. freaking comercials ads looked sweet but the actual game didnt look that good

morganfell3551d ago

I just completed Chapter 5 on Assassin. There is a higher difficulty but it has to be unlocked. There is a lower difficulty but the swear filter here will actually block what the game calls the Easy mode.

Dialogue is good with several actors from the movie doing VO work, some great moments in the game. Animations need work. The boss moments - not necessarily what I would call boss battles can be idiotic. The first boss battle or challenge moment is a better word is a guy with a SWAT shield. Even if you run up on him you can't kill him. It's one of those - you can only kill him our way stupid ideas.

The other ridiculous moment came when you, playing as Cross, have to guard your wife against a ridiculous wave of killers. You are forced to stay behind a light machine gun and it can be a fairly challenging moment totally devoid of fun.

Other times in there there are some satisfying moments. The game alternates between playing Wesley after the final events in Chicago and playing Cross right after Wesley was born. There is a lot of story in there and the voice overs as stated were well done. Curving bullets isn't just fun but also necessary at times. AI can be a little iffy on occasion though. It is still enjoyable and it isn't dependent upon a few trick mechanics for the satisfaction.

However for most people it will be a rental.