Modern Warfare 2 drops "Call of Duty"?

TVGB: "..there's a distinct lack of "Call of Duty" in the trailer which it looks like has been dropped from the name." GT, where the trailer premiered, also shows it as simply Modern Warfare 2, as does, more importantly, the trailer itself.

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cLiCK_sLiCK93551d ago

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare didnt feel like a Call of Duty game when I first popped it in. (Best Call of Duty yet, tho) I think they should drop the COD name a let it be MW2. That way, it wont feel like they're milking the series.

STICKzophrenic3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Either that, or they feel like TreyArch has tarnished the CoD moniker with all the releases before WaW.