Real, Living, Breathing Helghast!

Helghasts have made their way to a comic book convention. Observe as the Helghast attempt to assimilate into the world of the fanboy and the discoveries they make.

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solidt123072d ago

I wish i had a costume like that.

Chubear3072d ago

you can have a virtual one for your PSN avatar as an alternative I guess.

Ashton3072d ago

i wonder what would happen if they bumped into master chief :D

erathaol3072d ago

It would be on like Donkey Kong

chidori6663072d ago

i lol this part in 0.53 XDDDD

*perfect cosplay of helghsth*

unrealgamer583072d ago

master chief would jump high in the air and the helgast would shoot him with the nail gun XD

Freakwave0033072d ago

Bring it to show and tell to scare some little kids. If posters scare 'em, a walking one would scare the **** out of 'em.

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