Creative Hiatus - Some Thoughts On DC Universe Online Writes:

"Fans of World of Warcraft shouldn't be afraid of this new game. Things will make sense to you, too. Yes, you'll be wearing spandex instead of a chainmail bikini. And instead of questing bravely into the ruinous Caves of Wenderlak to retrieve the Asimoth Ring of Frost +4, you'll be treated to an entirely new but still comfortingly familiar task of retrieving the Goggles of Blue Beetle +4 from the ruinous Dockyards of Wenderlak. It'll be like you never even left your awesome PvP server at all! Only, in the DC Universe* your awesome server will be frighteningly empty.

And since this is an SOE product, just wait until they tell you about their amazing twist that will totally blow the competition out of the water."

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