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Charlie_Shene3527d ago

you beat me 2 the vid, i was just waiting for it to be posted. You must have beat me by seconds :(

Kleptic3527d ago

well all I know is that at 45 seconds in...they flashed an 'L1' at us...

this trailer is from the PS3 version...real time...har har...

sofresh2003527d ago

No one wants this lame teaser... show some actual GAMEPLAY!

joeymp3527d ago

I'm pretty sure we are supposed to analyze this video very thoroughly. Go to the modern warfare 2 website and you can see all the stuff they give you to analyze it, you can even zoom in. There must be tons of secrets and easter eggs throughout the video. But... I'm not going to take the time to find them. Maybe in a week some guy with no life will shows us the secrets. Happy hunting everyone.

actas1233527d ago

I think they are trying not to hype this game too much, which is a smart move by them.
Anyways, I can't wait for this game. COD4 has the best graphics for a PFS with it's variable environments and dynamic game play, let alone the masterpiece of a MP. IW OWN every other developer (except for naughty dog, they are still my favorites)

- Ghost of Sparta -3527d ago

This "teaser" was too long to be a teaser. And it was boring. And stupid.

JustinSaneV23527d ago

The L1 was a floor level in an elevator (although your statement did seem to have the stench of sarcasm to it...).

ruibo3527d ago

WoW, What a waste of time. At first I thought it was a screwed up vid and thought it came out as a sound track or some crap. Fast forwarded and saw like garbage. Good job wasting our time for this vid.

3527d ago
SRU96003527d ago

No matter what you think of that video, Modern Warfare 2 is going to do this to all other FPS games come November...

barom3527d ago

I think they're trying to have us excited to the point that we're gonna analyze the trailer. Instead our reactions are "okay?", "boring!" and "wtf". Nice one IW.

I think that after becoming an annual franchise these teasers just doesn't work anymore.

Sarcasm3527d ago

Boring teaser trailer. But at least it's confirmed that we'll see something at E3.

Halochampian3526d ago

I thought it was a nice teaser. Very unique. People need to quit their whining. They could have just put "Modern Warfare 2 coming 2009."

MisterNiwa3526d ago


Whats wrong with that dude?
He is an annoyance.

bullswar3526d ago

L1 doesn't tell anything of it being PS3 version ... what it does tell that it involves tall buildings which is having L1, M, 1, 2 and so on floors. I hope they are gonna use new infrastrucutre and environment details or not just take everything from COD4. Atleast make it 720p resolution.

beardpapa3526d ago

if I was high and intoxicated.

jammy_703526d ago

yes they did but i think it was the lift buttons (called lift in uk)

that was a great trailer

Elvfam5113526d ago

Omg there's going to be a giant bear in the game it's in the video lmao

Kleptic3526d ago

come on people...some of you really thought I was serious?...

thomo18883526d ago

When they come out the lift pause it. Look at the top right of the screen the stopping power perk symbol is up there along with three other perk symbols u have to be very quick to see it. One has two rockets which i'm presuming is an rpg. One is a foot with wings maybe sprint faster or perhaps an achilles heel of some sort. (lol maybe jumpo further. ) I couldnt see the last one tho why dont u guys try n see the last one. ;)

DominusRebellis3526d ago

but if you look below there is a security sign and beside the "perks" you've mentioned, there are arrows most likely those aren't perks but directions to the security centers...BUT! maybe security is a new type of gameplay? I know what you mean with the show and the feather but who cares IW sucks balls

earwax3526d ago

The United States Marine Corps birthday BTW

y0haN3526d ago

As much as it didn't excite me, wait a few days and some geeks will have analysed it to the point where all information has been squeezed from it ;).

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Gambit073526d ago

Ok, Mr. Zazynx, time traveler.

TheHater3527d ago

I was hoping for some gameplay and to see the graphic. But instead I don't know what that was, but we did get a release date.

beavis4play3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

what the he11 was that nonsense? i wouldn't call that a trailer of any kind.....pitiful.

Consoldtobots3526d ago

maybe just maybe, IW is feeling the pressure of millions of 360 fanboys looking to them as the red ringed knight of salvation that will finally give them a reason to gloat at PS3 owners with something that looks "better" than Killzone 2. They know the limitations of the 360 hardware and are looking for ways to squeeze more power out of it before they show anything. If this was a gameplay video the comparisons to KZ2 woulda gone up faster than a flea gets focked.

STONEY43527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Absolute WORST teaser ever, I want my day of waiting for the "big announcement" back.

And where is the name Call of Duty? All I see is Modern Warfare 2. Wtf? What kind of dumb name for a game is that?

ReservoirDog3163527d ago

I actually thought it was pretty good for a teaser trailer

Bloodshedder3526d ago

@ 4.1
thats cuz ur an ars