The Last Remnant PS3 and the Awkwardest Silence

Wired writes: "So we were in the Last Remnant panel at GDC, where Square Enix's Hiroshi Takai and Epic's Mike Capps, among others, had just finished discussing the often difficult process of using Unreal Engine 3 to create a Japanese role-playing game."

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n4grrod3603406d ago

another mega flop RPG on x360

there were loading of around 1 hour in some scenes

pathetic DVD drive

No FanS Land3406d ago

Imagine thia pathetic DVD drive load like you say on a blu-ray? 8X down to 2X without any caching improvement and/or coding streamline. I Just don't wanna see the PS3 version. No I think I wanna try it!!, you see, it's been a long time I laughed about sometime that sucks so much ass it's actually funny in the end!

(it's a bit off topic but the essence is the same: If you're THIS bad at media in general well I think you should change profession)

For TooL fans take a look at this "cover" of sober.

caffman3405d ago

nasim the cowardly droid is back again

TheHater3406d ago

This game is vaporware for the PS3. Would I be surprise if the PS3 version is cancel? Given S-E track record toward the ps3 this generation, I wouldn't be at all.

tocrazed4you3406d ago

The might of SE has fallen its grip on the gaming industry has fallen and its quality of games have suffered. They should of just stuck with what they were doing. Good quality games and making profit. Now they are making crappy games and losing money. Gee I wonder why that happened and what they changee. Hint Hint (Xbox 360 only games)

- Ghost of Sparta -3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

I don't want any Unreal Engine 3 RPG's for my PS3, especially if we're talking about The Last Remnant. This is one of the worst JRPG's ever made.

Nihilism3406d ago

after playing the demo for this game, i was very appreciative that they'd released one, so i know to never ever, even i a drought of new game titles resort to buying this broken sh!t

sunnygrg3406d ago

The Japanese seem to be still excited about this game. Wasnt this game featured within the top 10 most wanted games in Japan by Famitsu or something even after the release of the 360 version?

Megaton3406d ago

Cancel it. No one with any shred of taste wants this steaming crap heap. It's already bad enough that it was released on the 360 and PC. Don't subject more people to it.

Homicide3406d ago

Yep, it's true sunny. I still find it hard to believe many Japanese are waiting for the PS3 version when the game is already out for two platforms.

Aclay3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Releasing The Last Remnant on the PS3 would be like releasing HAZE on the Xbox 360.... just a complete waste of time.

If Square ever does release The Last Remnant for the PS3, they should just release it in Japan.

If the Xbox 360 version was filled with tons of issues and Square couldn't get the 360 version right, then the PS3 version more than likely would have turned out worse.

Tony P3406d ago

"Well, the PC version came out this week."

Worst dodge ever.

hazeblaze3406d ago

They probably regret making this game... after all the r&d this game sold so horribly. I think SE made a really bad decision in switching tracks this gen. They would have sold more games this gen by releasing exclusively for the PS3, even with the smaller userbase. The YTD NPD sales were posted last week... and they've done REALLY bad. SO4 is the highest selling game so far (even tho it's been out for a shorter time) and even that sold pretty mediocre.

animboo3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

"Well, the PC version came out this week"
what the hell is that..are they really that #[email protected]% up that they replied with that..
i miss the old square, you know the one that release great every frickin time..square right now is in the process of finding itself, i think they have a major identity crisis trying to please western gamers. and i think the ironic part is the old square was already pleasing western fans, and the new square is pissing a lot of fans this gen..
p.s. i also dont want them to release this to the ps3 as its going to be a waste of effort, just put all available manpower in finishing ffxiii and ffversusxiii.

jackdoe3406d ago

To be honest, Square has fvcked up royally this generation. From backing the wrong console (Japanese PS3 owners buy sh!tty games, and they buy a lot, as evidenced by sales of Demon's Souls, and would have sure as hell bought a lot of copies of Last Remnant had it come out on time)to just funding the wrong types of projects (again, Last Remnant) Square has fallen hard. Hell, they have no other major releases in the U.S. on current gen home consoles until 2010!

Araceae3406d ago

@ jackdoe

Sorry to tell you this, but Demon’s Souls isn’t a sh!tty game. I own it, and everyone I’ve talked to that also owns it seems to either love it or really like it. It isn’t a mass appeal game, but that doesn’t make it bad.

Doppy3406d ago

No one cares about this game. First of all it's been out on the Xbox 360 for a while now, and it sucked when it first came out on that platform which the Unreal Engine usually runs flawless on. So why would I wan an JRPG built on the unreal engine (known to have some problems on the PS3) especially when Square hasn't had much experience with the Unreal Engine. The only way people will even be remotely interested in Last Remnant is if they pull a Ninja Gaiden and add up 4 player co-op, have the game run silky smooth 30fps (60 fps would be better), and add a ton of enjoyable content.

jackdoe3406d ago

I somehow doubt Square will add anything extra to the PS3 version. They'll probably try to release the same old sh!t without trying to flesh out the story or adding any new features and try to charge a full $60 (if it ever comes out that is).

Ischan3406d ago

Yeah, cancelling PS3 version would be the best move.
Unless SE crank up the features, which is unlikely.
Pretty much stalemate for TLR PS3.

Sarcasm3406d ago

Honestly if the 360 version of Last Remnant, which ran on the unreal engine that is built from the ground up for the 360, has frame rate problems and graphical issues, I don't even want to see a PS3 version.

gaffyh3406d ago

I've played and completed The Last Remnant, and I enjoyed it, but I'd only recommend it to hardcore JRPG fans. Everyone else will hate this game, even I hated it sometimes, because too much is left to chance, and there was A LOT of texture pop in.

But yeah I agree they should scrap the PS3 version, I doubt they can make it better.

caladbolg7773406d ago

Agreed. I played the PC demo. I thought it was a crap. I won't ever buy it. Don't port this sh!te to PS3.

FlameBaitGod3406d ago

tocrazed4you what are you talking about, SE said turning to the 360 was one of the best decisions they had made. Even if they keep losing money for every game they keep making on the 360. Just look at the sales of each SE game that was released on the 360. SE you can keep lying to your self, and keep making business deals with M$ for RPG's. Will see how long you last. For me the 360 is more of a FPS, Action & Fighting console, i really dont see it as an RPG console, thats my opinion tho

Bloodwar3405d ago

According to Gamespot, the game wasnt all that great on the 360, but apparently they redeemed themselves when it was released on the PC. Am I right? I am thinking of buying it for the PC and hope the purchase will be worth it.

From Gamespot's PC review of the game.. "When the game was released on the Xbox 360 in 2008, these elements were partially buried under an avalanche of shameful technical problems. But with nary a hint of slowdown and less noticeable texture pop-in, The Last Remnant's excellent gameplay shines on the PC, making it a journey that almost any RPG fan should take."

RyuStrife3405d ago

There are still issues with the loading of the textures for the PC version. I got the game on PC, and it's blurred for awhile before it sharpens up. Is this the UE3 issue people talk a lot about? I don't see it in other UE3 games though, i.e: Mirrors Edge.

xwabbit3405d ago

I really dk y they wanted this on the PS3, it didnt sell well on 360 & it wasn't because of the graphics it was because it was a bad game. Y would some 1 want to port a bad game :/.

Finalfantasykid3405d ago

"If Square ever does release The Last Remnant for the PS3, they should just release it in Japan. "

I agree. I think the game would perform poorly in North America/EU, and the only place it would sell decent in would be Japan.

pixelsword3405d ago has to be good first.

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xztence3406d ago

good, we dont want to hear it either.

happyface3406d ago

Square just dissed the ps triple

Sevir043405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

go figure.. i think square dissed the xbox community more by releasing this turd in the first place on an engine that's showing it's age.. ^^ laugh it up happyface :)

facepalm3406d ago

^-^ Just cancel it... Move all the funds to other projects that are more worth it like FFvXIII or FFXIII (actual).

Stop wasting your time S-E.

Marceles3406d ago

I think they were surprised someone actually cared