IGN: GDC 09: Worms Preview

IGN writes: "Worms will allow you and up to three other players to take each other on in multiplayer matches, as well as present various challenges to single players and quick games with three separate difficulty levels. While the demo wasn't feature complete, and didn't showcase all of the weapons or the challenges, it seems like there will be plenty of options for turn based strategy fans to take advantage of when Worms hits the PSN later this year".

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Cajun Chicken3377d ago

Don't nickle and dime DLC like other network hosted versions.

Can't wait for this. Gotta love Worms...except when they couldn't beat Hogs of War when in 3D.

Max Power3377d ago

I remember worms on the pc long time ago.

Finch3377d ago

I hate to say it becuase most seem to hate it for what ever reason, but i want a Worms 3D not another Worms 2D. I just got a Worms 2D not to long ago. Maybe because its been so long since i had a new Worms 3D and im still playing Mayhem to this day! I think i out grow the 2D versions and love the tactics more of the 3D versions. Its just more full filling in the way its played!

I don't know and don't care i want another Worms 3D and don't care if nobody likes the 3D version for what ever reason!

Anon19743375d ago

Although I did enjoy the 3d versions of this game, it wasn't the same. I missed the ole 2d goodness! No one else I know has a 360 so I never bothered buying it on the 360 when it was released, even if I did linger over it in the marketplace more than a few times.
I'll have to see if I can get my buddies to get onboard with this one. Hell, I might even buy it for a couple of them to force them not to miss out!
I wonder if it has mic support. I wouldn't want to miss their reaction when I simply poked them into the water. Classic!