IGN: GDC 09: Dexter iPhone Hands-On

IGN writes: "Dexter is looking good -- very good. It is an ambitious game with a lot of ideas and content stuffed in a single download. But Marc Ecko Entertainment is determined to avoid the curse of licensed games. They want to get this right. And that's why I have no hard release date for the game. It's not tied to a season premiere or any sort of show-related event. That is promising because if there is one thing that can kill a licensed game, it's a merciless deadline tied to a theatrical release or TV show launch.

Keep checking IGN Wireless for more information on Dexter in the near future. This is a game I'll be watching very, very closely over the next month or two".

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JackYucas3547d ago

I heard that several press outlets took video of the game in action...