Why OnLive won't be joining the big boys anytime soon

PlayStation Gamer UK Writes: "It has many obstacles it needs to clear and most the obstacles it needs to clear are the same ones Digital Distribution faces and neither OnLive or DD can clear by themselves. Overall however OnLive has given us a glimpse of how we will might be gaming in 20 years time, but for now its a nice concept and will remain that way for a long long time to come."

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truehunter3555d ago

Anyone remeber The Phantom Console ??? ya thats rite.... Onlive is just a repeat of The Phantom console.

SinnedNogara3555d ago

Except it is much smaller.

Yeah, it won't become mainstream for a while.

What they need to do is get "Steam" running on the consoles next-gen. Sure, next gen we'll still use disc, but just imagine how steam could make PSN, Wii Shop, and Xbox Live Arcade obselite with more "Full" games being downloadable.

Generation 8 will be a combination of discs, downloads, and other media.

And 1 TB hard drives.

Press_Agree3555d ago

This is the worst idea ever. If you have enough money to have good enough internet to play on HD using OnLive then you have enough money to buy a gaming computer. Press Agree.

patb3555d ago

yo daddy and yo momma