CryEngine 3: What Does It Mean For Console Games?

From OXCGN, an analysis of what the CryEngine 3 will mean for console gaming:

"For years Crytek was wowing PC owners with incredible videos of tropical environments revealed to be Crysis running on the CryEngine 2. Despite mixed reviews when it was finally released, one thing was clear: Crysis was the most visually arresting game ever created. PC owners flocked to upgrade their graphics cards and processors to run the technical showpiece, but little word was heard of the possibility of running the engine on a console...

It was generally accepted as being beyond the capabilities of the Xbox 360 and PS3 in its current form, and it looks like we were right - the CryEngine 2 was not optimised for consoles. Instead, we're now presented with the CryEngine 3 developed specifically for console support, and the teaser trailer from the Game Developers Conference 2009 making its rounds shows the wait was worth it."

More on what this means for consoles after the jump:

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The General3551d ago

It Just means that the PS3 will still be the console with the better graphics, physics, AI, and anything else a great next-gen console is supposed to have.

XboxOZ3603551d ago

When will you sony droids stop carrying on like the world starts and stops with playstation . .sheezzess.

It's gotten SO BAD, that no one can even discuss the issues around GAMING and GAMERS and game DEVELOPING without it turning into a Sony v's the world and PS3 rules etc debate - no, sorry, claim.

The introduction of new engines for ALL gamers is a great thing. It means we ALL get a better experience on whatever platform we chose and desire.

It will become evident once the engine is in place and working within games as to how well it works. If It's one thing I seriously hate in gaming is the onset of Gaming Fanbois since 2005, it's the blight of gaming and the industry at large.

Wake up, grow up and be gamers, not fanbois - for your own good as well as others.

Also, notice the article says NOTHING as to which one is best, which one will owns the others etc. It's about facts and figures.

Superfragilistic3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I'll believe it when I see Cry Engine 3 make a game look better than Killzone 2, MGS 4, RE5 or Gears 2 running at a smooth 60FPS...

Same with which multiplatform release on the PS3/360 with this engine will look better. We won't know until the fat lady sings!

gaminoz3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Hmmm....just to add fuel to the fire, one 'expert' sees Killzone as cheating (using 'smoke and mirrors' in the graphical arena, and not truly that graphically innovative:

I've only played a bit and wasn't too impressed with what I saw, but that's me.

Any new engine is good in my book...the idea of competition pushes others to do even better.

The General3551d ago

That was the dumbest thing I ever read. CGI artist? lolll. And the fact that you believed it? Even worse.

Killzone 2 was reviewed by professional reviewers from professional sites who notice those kind of things and guess what, metacritic has it at 92. Take that for fake graphics.

XboxOZ3603551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

He never said he 'believed' it, just that it was an interesting point being made . .nothing more than that. Just like the claims made by many others, especially in here (*n4g) about certain platforms being superiour to all others.

And we gave it a solid 9.2/10 on OXCGN (yes, an Xbox site reviewed Killzone 2 - heaven forbid -

gaminoz3551d ago

@ the General

I know Killzone 2 is "untouchable" or flaming starts, but I wasn't impressed with what I played. That's just me and that's just part of the game.

I'm no techy so I don't know the truth about Killzone 2 graphics, but he has interesting points about the shadows and darkness use.

Finally....metacritic scores mean crap all. I base my opinion on what I think of a game and if I enjoy it. You could have a technically perfect game that doesn't impress me, while a lesser title might surprise me and be more fun. I'm not some sheep that follows the game scores.

I really enjoyed MGS4 and Uncharted and loved the visuals in those games, so I'm not some anti-Sony person. I also loved Resistance 1, even thought the graphics were pretty average. It was fun.

XboxOZ3603551d ago

Oh look, Droids even "disagreeing" with someone supporting the PS3 - simply because it's a Xbox site - way to go - not!!

How can you disagree with something that supports the PS3 . . oh yeah, blind faith and bias, that's how . . silly me.

XboxOZ3603551d ago

You should know you can't disagree about ANY Sony PS3 game if you're a supporter of the platform . . otherwise you're not a real loyal true sony fan (read droid) . . .you have to love every one of them, no matter what . . and at the exclusion of all others.

Sounds dumb eh . . but that's what it seems to be in here . . . You can enjoy both platforms, but to a loyalists, that means absolutely nothing - because you have a 360 or enjoy other games . .

Most of OXCGN's team have PS3's or are getting them, yet the still chose the 360 as their chosen platform. Not because one is better than the other, but because that is what they chose . . . and that it serves their lifestyle best.

Superfragilistic3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Actually personally Oz I do think the 360's better, given that 80% of my gaming time is spent using it.

I still play my PS3, PS2 and Gamecube (no time for Wii). But for me the 360 is better suited to me for it's online features, social gaming, and the widest variety of gaming titles this gen.

Last gen my PS2 was my favourite because it had the widest variety and depth of titles. This gen, for me its the 360.

Having said that the Gamecube was where some of my favourite exclusives were, such as Eternal Darkness, RE4 and Zelda: WindWaker. I kinda feel the PS3 fills that spot for me this gen with top notch titles MGS4, Uncharted and LBP that I can't get anywhere else.

N4G and its commercially obsessed bigots can kiss my ass and crucify me with disagrees. I just love gaming.

XboxOZ3603551d ago

That's true for me as well, as funds also limit what I can do and the PS3 is still way too expensive here in Australia.Remembering it started at $AU999, and now retails for a tad over $AU700 - $750 . .A long long way from a 360 at $249 with 2 games.

Some games are best on some platforms, while others are better on - well - others . . . It comes down to personal choice, not bigotted pressure to comply - or else..

Most of this Mines' bigger than yours' stuff on n4g is pure kindergarden stuff. You might as well go around the back of the toilet block and peee against the wall to see who can do it the highest, because that's about the maturity of 90% of this stuff on n4g, especially of late.

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Immortal Kaim3551d ago

I just want an actual game announced for the engine...

gaminoz3551d ago

I agree...that's kind of important, isn't it? No use having a whiz-bang engine if there's no games...

Great article on this.

Immortal Kaim3551d ago

It will apparently be optimised for each console, so claims of superiority on one platform should be put to rest. Each version will take into account the strengths of the respective systems.

XboxOZ3603551d ago

Hey mate, we can't have that . .otherwise the droids/bots would have nothing to go on about . .Especially the droids over a brief, small one lib=ner taken out of context to the rest of the paragraph concerning the game.

The engine self optimizes to suit each platform, and while one segment of it 'may well work better on the ps3' . .they all will basically be the same quality and visually . .

But no, no one wants to read the WHOLE article I'm mentioning - now do they. - no.

This engine, along with DICE's new facelift to their Frostbite engine, and Codies new Ergo engine upgrade will mean better, more visually stunning and physic based games for ALL gamers.

Godem3551d ago

Hopefully the next Cryengine game isn't based on a tropical island...

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