Wheelman Review (Jolt)

Jolt writes: "It is a beautifully sunny day and I'm driving through picturesque Barcelona like a madman. Tyres screeching as I handbrake turn my way around corners, weave in and out of any vehicles that get in my way and wilfully flout every traffic law in the book. There's a reason for this craziness however, the posse of cars and motorbikes pursuing me are never more than a few feet away and gun shots are peppering my car from all sides. I can't outrun them, if I'm going to escape it's going to have to be by getting rid of them another way."

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Elven63527d ago

I had a preorder down for Wheelman, for the past two days I've been going to stores all over the city and NONE of them have had their shipments in yet. The North America release date was the 24th, its ridiculous on Ubisoft's part how screwed up the launch is.

Going to try again tomorrow before cracking a few skulls!