Can Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 Co-Exist?

"The original Resistance: Fall of Man was released as a launch title for the PS3 back in November 2006 and it turned out to be the shining light for the PS3 at the time since there were only a handful of games available for the PS3 when it was released. The game went on to sell almost four million copies. The sequel, Resistance 2, released in November of 2008 and has sold over two million copies to date. Killzone 2 was supposed to be released right around the time that Resistance 2 was, but it was pushed back so Killzone 2 could be refined more. I didn't believe that then, and I don't believe that now. I think the real reason it was pushed back was because they realized that one game would take sales away from the other and they decided to separate the games by about six months so each could have their own release window. Now that both games have been released and they both are good games, how do both games compare and how can both games keep their own communities without stepping on each other toes?"

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3402d ago
jay23402d ago

Erm, they already do.

UnSelf3402d ago

Can the GamerAccess and readers coexist?

thebudgetgamer3402d ago

because when i bought killzone it threw my copy of resistance into a woodchipper


PoSTedUP3402d ago

lol yea i dont think im going to be touching R2 for some time now, KZ2 and RE5 i will be playing for sometime now =P

sunnygrg3402d ago

On an average week, Resistance 2 exists Sunday through Wednesday, and Killzone 2 exists on the weekends.

Sorry Thursday is Candy day!!

Bnet3433402d ago

Every PS3 owner I talked to I asked them about R2. And I get the same answer: It sucks, not that great, etc. Even here at the N4G forums people downplay it so I said wtf why get it then, so I held out for KZ2, so R2 can kiss my balls. :P

themyk3402d ago

then u missed out on a good game. The campaign was great. Ending was awesome. I do not like the competitive to much like halo. But the campaign and the co op are well worth the price. It's no killzone but it doesn't try to be either.

Gamertags3402d ago

Hahaha What type of article is this? This is new 4 gamers not write a bunch of crap and get hits on your site.

Ju3402d ago

"Every PS3 owner I talked to I asked them about R2". You didn't talk to a lot of people then, hah? R2 is the most underrated game of last year. The co-op has no competition. With the new patch and rematch option (WTH did that take so long) it'll be all good now. The super human co-op sound interesting (no auto-respawns! Yeah!). I like KZ2 competitive modes more, but I played way more co-op in R2. KZ2 has better lobby and match making. Both play completely different. R2 is way faster then KZ2. Going back and forth needs some re-adjustment every time I do that. But both games are great in their own way.

Cenobia3401d ago

I thought this was gonna be an article about how the Chimera spread out into space and invade Helghan/Vecta. That would be a pretty epic game.

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doshey3402d ago

hell ya, and with the patch for r2 coming out tomorrow, man it looks like it time to get off kz2 and play some r2

Nick2120043402d ago

Insomniac is trying to take all the talk about Killzone 2. Lol

ClydeRadcliffe3402d ago

Both are fantastic titles so there's plenty of room for each of them in everyone's collection

MGOelite3402d ago

honestly I prefer socom to both of them, i love that sort of game where you HAVE to work as a team with no respawns and slow gameplay where ever bullet or footstep counts

Kamikaze1353402d ago

What in the world does SOCOM have to do with Killzone 2 and Resistance 2? SOCOM is a totally different game and it's not a FPS.

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