BeefJack: From the Ear's Perspective: It's all about the art

BeefJack writes: "It's 1991 again and I'm a kid riding with my older brother in his red Chevy Cavalier. He tunes the radio to 95X and turns it up as the DJ requests. Blaring through the tinfoil lined speakers comes the crunch of an electric guitar, followed shortly by bass and drums. The drummer starts a fill, leading in that deep baritone voice to sing "Alive," one of many anthems to come out of the flannel-top, Birkenstock wearing, Seattle grunge era."

Music and video game writer, Adam Dolge, takes a deep look into the relationship between video games and music. Whether it's bands covering music from video game soundtracks, the musicians who compose songs for games, or the line between what sounds good and what hurts to hear, he'll stroll with you through video game history, pulling out the best and worst of music in games.

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