Ars Preview: Sony's Infamous destined for fame

Ars writes: "At GDC, Sony's upcoming action game Infamous was on display for us all to see. I sat down with some of the game's levels at the Sony Bloggers' Lounge and spent a great deal of time putting this "ground-based superhero" title through its paces. The impression I came away with? Infamous could be the next big action franchise for Sony."

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Kain813403d ago

look at Sucker punch what they have done.
Blu-ray for the win.

InFamous looks gorgeous. I like the Karam system

PHOSADRA3403d ago

Didn't rockstar say that the 360 limited them during GTA 4?
They should pick the ps3 if they don't want the constrictions.....

Trollimite3403d ago

infamous seems to have limitless potencial.

i just pray that the media dosent rip it to shreads. they did that to enough ps3 exclusives already

TenSteps3403d ago

Yes R* did say that, I mean how can you put an open world game in multiple discs

FlameBaitGod3403d ago

They did, I also heard that GTA5 was a timed exclusive for the PS3. Thats a rumor tho, will have to wait and see if its true

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denied3403d ago

for this game. The video and all the story surrounding this game is amazing and is gona be some good to look for.

Zeus Lee3403d ago

Sony Marketing Exec#1:Alright people,there's a lot of positive buzz surrounding our upcoming Action game inFamous.We need something new,something edgy,something with persona,something that sells sells sells inFamous.Marketing Exec #2,go.

Sony Marketing Exec#2:Ok here's how I see it;The game is largely based on the main protagonists ability to absorb and use electricity to get through the Missions,right?

Sony Marketing Exec#1:Right.

Sony Marketing Exec#2:So the commercial starts with a closeup of a Power Station with a large metal sign saying "KEEP OUT!HIGH VOLTAGE!"

Sony Marketing Exec#1:Go on...

Sony Marketing Exec#2:Then the Camera zooms past the Metal gate

Sony Marketing Exec#1:Ok...

Sony Marketing Exec#2:Then the Camera stops.

Sony Marketing Exec#1:Yes

Sony Marketing Exec#2:The screen then fades to Black,and we flash a huge font saying "Only on Playstation"across the screen,chime in the Playstation 3 start-up sound,and then its done.

Sony Marketing Exec #1:***STANDING OVATION***

Trollimite3403d ago

they dont see your comment. that actually sounds like a commmercial they would make.

they should use the if "trees could talk" trailer if you ask me

brycespitler3403d ago

comment of the day right there

Johnny Rotten3403d ago

I'm still on the fence about this game, up until recentely all I saw was some dude shooting lightning bolts from his hands. Now that I know it's more of a comic book hero scenario it makes more sense and sounds a little more interesting.

tplarkin73403d ago

It looks gimmicky. The first time he shoots lighting, it was cool. The 100th time, it was old.

forevercloud30003403d ago

continuously any different then when we shoot BULLETS continuously in a shooter? We still have fun while doing that right? The main difference is that Lightning is more sporadic, you never really know what it will do. InFamous also boast realistic lightning physics with lightning channeling through metal objects such as cars,fences, and lamp posts.

It sickens me to think people think this game cannot be great and enjoyable because it doesn't boast a ludicrous amount of abilities like Prototype, or has blood pouring out of every orifice.

I assure you, when these games come out, InFamous will boast a 1.5 or higher meta-average then Prototype.

aldesko3403d ago

I've never understood how being able to do everything that's been shown in Infamous is considered boring by some people, while games like Uncharted/Gears are fun, even though you can just shoot guns and throw grenades.

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