iShoot update brings wifi multiplayer and weapons editor to iPhone hit

The iPhone's iShoot is as famous for making developer Ethan Nicholas rich as it is for hitting the number one spot on the App Store, and version 2.0 brings a significant enough update to do it all over again.

iPhone Otaku has details on the new wifi multiplayer and weapons and rule editor, along with screenshots of the updated features.

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TheMART3281d ago

Just got my iPhone this weekend, used Jailbreak and its a great device.

Games... Only if specially made for the motion/tilt, not so much for emulators and having to 'push' buttons on screen. I like my PSP better for that for sure.

Gaming device that beats other handhelds? No. But for applications and some motion/tilt games as an addition on handhelds for quick gaming on the road? Yes.

Antan3281d ago

Ah! So thats what you were on about! lol, i had no idea what your message meant!

Hope your well. Anth...........

TheMART3281d ago

Haha Ant yeah sorry, was too busy with my new toy hahaha

Was online through Nimbuzz when typing. Don't know if you own an iPhone, but its great, after using Quickpwn/Jailbreak for sure!

Some great apps by the way:

So get Cydia/Installer besides the Appstore with Quickpwn (thats the ONE APP you need to use ;-)! Apps that are great:

- PDAnet: use your iPhone as a modem for your laptop with 3G its fast surfing on your laptop over 3G!

- Nimbuzz: it combines all kinds of community stuff in one app. MSN, Hyves, Facebook you name it

- iXboxLive: see who's online! Don't have to start up the 360 to check, check from this app and if someones online you want to play with, fire up the console

- 360 games: app with games, new games, upcoming (including how many days to go), my ratings, wishlist, top rated

- TV-out: does what it says, get the component cable (don't have it yet, Apple original is 40 Euro, there are some 3rd party's)

- Cycorder: video recording which the iPhone doesn't do original apps

- Twitterrific: use

- Drunktionary: booze!

- iReal SMS: landscape SMS

- Beerapps: many of them, all fun

- iSimpsons: all the episodes viewable/downloadable

- Winterboard

- SBsettings: extra dock options

- dTunes: audio/videoplayer with TV video out and free torrent downloading... Need to say more?

Commercial games that are fun:

Super Monkey Ball, Rolando and Midnight Bowling

iTaku3279d ago

Dude what the hell? Stay on topic ya lousy spammer.