Left 4 Dead adds melee fatigue in latest update

Valve has released an update for Left 4 Dead on the PC. Among other adjustments, the update includes a gameplay change, which adds a fatigue element to the melee attack in versus mode. The changes that apply to the Xbox 360 will arrive with the survivor pack on April 21st.

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hippo243552d ago

I Guess hiding in a closet and spamming melee isn't going to work as well as it used to...

rawrockkillz3552d ago

It just made the game a lot more intense.

OOG3552d ago

jeezzzz good luck when you get multiple swarms....

LONEWOLF2313552d ago

This makes things interesting.

solar3552d ago

the melee fatigue is a welcome change. but i think it might become very hated when the ones complaining is wearing the shoe...

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The story is too old to be commented.