Destructoid Review: Zombieville USA

Destructoid Writes:

"Zombieville USA. reminded me of my Resident Evil musings because the entire game is built upon ammo management and the survival of a badass stuck in the middle of some sort of zombie apocalypse. There's no horror, but there are plenty of frantic moments and fumbling for guns.

Zombieville is a level-based side-scroller. The point of every level is to make it to the end of the horizontal map with oodles of health and bullets for the subsequent mission. Of course, your progression isn't that cut and dry: zombies are vying for your brains. As you walk along the screen, the cutesy undead claw their way through the ground, forcing you to stop and shoot. In addition to zombies, houses also dot the landscape. Going into one of these abodes nets you ammunition and money."

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