IGN GDC 09: Insomniac Goes Nocturnal... Again

IGN writes: "Just a year ago, Insomniac Games launched its Nocturnal Initiative, which shared some very choice bits of tech with the rest of the development community. It was, generally speaking, focused on developers (hence the announcement at the Game Developers Conference, natch), but this year it seems the focus is growing a bit.

It's not so much that Nocturnal as a whole has changed all that much, but Insomniac was keen to hammer home the fact that everything under the initiative was being offered with an extremely open license agreement -- literally "free for use for anyone for any purpose." Anyone who takes the source code offered up can do anything they please with it; modify it and republish it for others to see, analyze it and use it for future PS3 endeavors or just fiddle around with things. Insomniac requires no credit, and offers the whole shebang as-is with no qualms about what happens to it once someone downloads its files."

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thebudgetgamer3378d ago

good to see some people still care about games as their passion not just a meal ticket.


ChozenWoan3378d ago

If you ever wanted to make your own Playstation game, this year is your year. Between Phyre Engine, Nocturnal, and Sony lowering the cost of becoming a Dev to $2000; Inde game designers have no more excuses.

Too bad we gamers will soon be surrounded with PS3 games like Kratos on on a Titans back.