IGN: Hands-On: Wii System Menu 4.0

IGN writes: "Well, the wait is finally over. It's been roughly two and a half years since the launch of Nintendo's latest console, and for almost that same amount of time there's been one constantly complained-about, endlessly reiterated issue plaguing the system that both its critics and fans have brought up again and again -- its considerably lacking storage space.

The problem with the Wii's low amount of on-board "blocks" and channel array spots became apparent pretty quickly, as gamers across the world filled their systems with save files for their games on disc, as well as the digital goods of the Wii Shop. The issue was only exacerbated with each passing Monday morning, as more and more Virtual Console and WiiWare titles were made available for purchase -- and when, each time a Wii owner would want to make a purchase, he or she would first have to "clean out the fridge" to make sure that there was enough room clear on the Wii's internal flash drive to be able to receive the new download."

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ChickeyCantor3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Seeing the walkthrough video in a different article, Its like if the black instead of white is pretty much the "dark" vs "light" setting Nintendo usually sets up xD. SD is evil ?>=D.?

O, by the looks of it Demo's are still impossible. The games need to be cached into the flash-memory. before it can boot.
I guess Nintendo feels strong about their security.

Also DLC...wasn't that done before? That could boot from the SD that is.

Boom3402d ago

DLC has been done on the Wii before?

Anyways, it'll be sweet if High Voltage can somehow get DLC for the Conduit.

Hell it'd be sweet if all Wii game developers could put DLC.

CaliforniaWave3402d ago

is awesome. So much more convinient than having to move everything manually and out of the way. The wait is over, wahooo!

mastiffchild3402d ago

Close but no cigar. I still don't get what they were thinking with the memory for the Wii and while this is a bit easier to cope with it's still eons more ball ache than a HDD would be.

BTW I just know I'm gonna forget about the save files and delete everything the wrong way round.

Product3402d ago

i dont understand how this is not as easy as an hdd, just put every game on the sd card and save the wii memory for saves.
simple and easy in my eyes. dont know what the bad part is about this.......its free a hard drive isnt.

Foxtail3402d ago

I really don't mind the Wii system menu as it is. Simple and effective, and moving things around menually is pretty fun.

gumgum993402d ago

same here.

Welcome to N4G, Foxtail. Hope you enjoy your stay here ^_^

kesvalk3401d ago

i get off N4G one month and 2 FF pop up out of nowhere and i can only recgonize 3 ppl on the comment section? O.o

anyway, a storage solution will help me a lot, time to download lost winds and tetris again...

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