Braid cost 200k to produce, Blow reveals

At the GDC panel discussion "Braving the stormy waters of XBLA and PSN: Smaller is NOT Easier." Jonathan Blow revealed it cost him $200,000 to produce his hit puzzle game Braid.

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Major_Tom3555d ago

PSN? but it's not on PSN? Maybe a tall tale of fortunes to come?

Elven63555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

"Braving the stormy waters of XBLA and PSN: Smaller is NOT Easier" is the name of the seminar.

Major_Tom3555d ago

Blow said already said id Sony lets him he's putting the game on PSN when the exclusivity deal is done. He's an indie dev, in it for the money and the fame not the loyalty. Just thought about a heads up, I wouldn't be surprised if it came sooner than later.

Xi3555d ago

It's just his specific experiences dealing with download services. Not specific to xbla, psn or wii ware, steam, etc. they just used psn and xbla out of recognition.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3555d ago

even if the game cost 200 000 to produce, the price of the game (15$ i think?) is too much.

Marquis_de_Sade3555d ago

You can thank Microsoft for that.

kwyjibo3555d ago

That's bullshit.

$15 was a conscious decision by Jonathan Blow -

He originally stated that the price of the PC version (out later this month) was to be $20 until people started voicing their opinions on the price rise.

Leathersoup3555d ago

It's a misquote, he actually said something along the lines of spending 200,000 on crack while making the game.

Andronicus3555d ago

almost the price of a wii game?.....