Top 10 Worst Game Developers Logos

In an industry that revolves around visual prominence, it's baffling to see such great work come from a company with such an oddly designed graphical trademark to represent them.

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InfectedDK3220d ago

I think Blizzard, Neversoft, Sony and Silicon Knights shouln't be on the list :)

CaliforniaWave3220d ago

Hey, you know. I only give the news, not support it. ;)

Milky Joe3220d ago

The guy who wrote this seems a bit... you know... touched.

He says that the Bungie logo is one of the worst because it has a 'bouncy ball' in it and has a go at the SCE logo for being a 'dumb orange diamond' and tells them to steal the Dark Knight font because they 'stole' Spiderman's... Even though Sony have all the rights to the films and the font and all that stuff. Probably even Peter Parker's armpit hair tbh.

So yeah, this article is like a toilet made from raisins and elastic bands; it makes no sense and it is full of crap. XD

InfectedDK3217d ago

But the idea is great. A list of crappy Game Developers Logos. Nice read - Something else. But as I said not all of them should be on the list.

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specialguest3220d ago

Damn, Natsume's logo is super plain and boring.

killyourfm3219d ago

Hey, it's an entertaining read, right? Mission accomplished.

And Gamecock? They don't have a bad logo, but their name sure is unfortunate.

CaliforniaWave3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I agree with the Gamecock's name problem, and a lot of these logos are ones that I personally liked. (I was surprised when I saw Sony's) This -is- and interesting read though. Thanks fm.