This is Vegas - New screenshots

Eurogamer Portugal published some new screenshots from This is Vegas.

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Mandaspt3254d ago

I want to see some more info about this game.

Elven63254d ago

Finally, this game has always peaked my interest, good to see its not cancelled!

Monolith3254d ago

I know, i hope they have a chance to make The Suffering as well after this, thats one of my favorite games by them, but this game im definently getting, taking back Las Vegas lol awesome!

diefor3254d ago

Seeing the way that they are building the game, its seems to me the better option. Not in a realistic way, but colored game.

Elven63254d ago

Speaking of The Suffering, they should release that on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PSN, besides Midway needs all the cash they can get before the creditor committee renegotiates the debt.

Gambit073254d ago

Platinum Pusssycat FTW.