Xbox party chat is ruining online games

When the next-gen console war launched, the Xbox 360 was at the forefront displaying everything gamers hungered for. Mandatory high-definition content and an accessible arcade system were just a few of the features the 360 sported. However, all the features weren't exactly pristine which prompted Microsoft to unveil the New Xbox Experience (NXE). NXE completely overhauled the interface and gave us gamers brand new features including one we longed for most; party chat. This feature is single-handedly ruining the online experience in competitive games.

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Elven63404d ago

2005-2008: Little kids on Xbox Live are so ruining things, I just want to game with my friends and not have some little brat scream racial slurs at me.

2008-????: The optional ability to talk to 8 people of my choosing is so killing gaming, I want to talk to little kids who will call me bad things when I pawn them at Call of Duty and Halo.

Make up your minds people!

swiftshot933404d ago

The party system is the greatest feature for online gaming ever. Its simply the #1 thing that puts Xbox LIVE above its competitors in the online area. Whether or not it warrants the $50 is up for you to decide, but you cant deny the greatness of this feature.

dcbronco3404d ago

It's not the chat. It's the a-holes that use it to cheat.

soccerstar3404d ago

Who cares if people can cheat in games now I'm just glad I don't have to listen to screaming 9 year old's anymore. Its just a game that's supposed to be fun anyway so who cares

thats_just_prime3404d ago

Yes it ruins gaming by allowing to talk to your friends. Who the hell wants to talk to their friends and people they like online ?

IdleLeeSiuLung3404d ago

It is a legitimate complaint, but I can see how it was missed. I don't think this will be fixed though, but perhaps the developer could in the future have the option of allowing or disallowing this feature at any time, but it would be enabled by default.

Elven63404d ago

Its not a legitimate problem, its just people looking for a reason to complain. Besides can you imagine all that lag for everyone involved in the party and the multiplayer matches everyone would be playing?

jav09183404d ago

is the only game on the 360 that lets you see your enemies. Which is a feature that Epic can disable anytime they want. The options this guy is advising are crap...

NIGHT_HAWK32103403d ago


Shepherd 2143403d ago

theres nothing more i love than logging into Live and playing halo 3 while taking to my good friends playing fallout 3 or gears 2 or something like that. Party chat makes the experience for me much, much better.

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ToastyMcNibbles3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

party chat is the sh! of the best features that came with nxe...i may prefer my ps3 but i cannot deny the features of xbox clearly knows what theyre doing in terms of the online space...again it didnt take them live has been around for what 5 or 6 years...and in that time they crafted such an amazing service...psn will get there but people have to realize its not gonna take sony 1 day to get it right...psn has only existed for 2 years now and in those 2 years they have really done an amazing job so just imagine what psn will be like in the future..this has nothing to do with psn but i figured i'd put it out there for the bashers but on topic i see no reason why party chat ruins online enhances it and makes you really feel like youre a part of a community

ultimatek13404d ago

Article is insaine, party chat is awesome and if u dont like u dont need to use it.

Omega43404d ago

A feature that people begged and begged XBL would get and now its here they still complain

Seems like MS can never win no matter how much they offer

zethos563404d ago

The only game it ruins is Gears 2. If Epic disabled the ghost cam it wouldn't be a problem.

dragunrising3404d ago

That is the truth. Ghost cam allows you and your team mates to coordinate attacks and "spy" on the enemy team...even though you are dead. Party chat is not a problem in any other game.

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