IGN: Resistance 2 Multiplayer Lessons

Even just on paper, the number for Insomniac Games' second Resistance title is impressive: 60 players in the competitive modes (which include straight deathmatch as well as more objective-based modes that divvy up all those players into squads) and 8 players in the cooperative one. While one would naturally assume that adding 20 more players to what was already an impressive feat in the original Resistance's 40 online players would just mean bigger maps, there were far bigger ramifications.

In a session titled "Pushing the Limits: The Technical, Design, and Social Ramifications from Increasing Player Counts in Online Multiplayer Games," Resistance 2 Cooperative Design Lead Jake Biegel and R2 Competitive Design Lead Mike Roloson detailed some of the issues they came across when upping the player counts to the largest seen in a console game thus far.

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