TGR Editorial: Crossing the Line: Why Animal Crossing is for Adults

A recent report claims that Animal Crossing is the new breeding ground for sexual predators. TGR is here to set the facts straight.

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redfield853403d ago

You would think after the Mass Effect and Resident Evil 5 stories that news stations would learn to do some damn research before releasing their stories.

Hell, all it takes is just a little bit of editing to see that their story was such garbage. It hurts my head at how some of these people have the jobs that they do.

cain1413403d ago

If you make crazy claims more people tun in...

redfield853403d ago

...when does it cross the line and become a blatant lie? I would have loved for Nintendo to take legal action against KMIZ, but they have already taken down the original article.

All of these "videogames are evil" stories I hear just remind me of an old person who just doesn't want to learn about games and acts confused when you try to have a conversation or just mention a game. I really hate ignorant people like that.

cain1413403d ago

It's probably just plausible enough that I wouldn't waste a lawsuit...

BetaChris3403d ago

Wait, you mean it's *not* a breeding ground for pedophiles? :P

(Kidding, of course.) I mean, how sick would somebody have to be to even imply something so heinous?

redfield853403d ago

Maybe because when they see Animal Crossing, they see this image.

I found this hilarious.

TheColbertinator3403d ago

What a load.

Either way Animal Crossing is really good

redfield853403d ago

I was sad to see Puck left my town. He was one of my favorites since he was into hockey. That is what I get for abandoning my town for months at a time.


stewie328873402d ago

By this logic, anything not involving death destruction and sex isn't for adults...

You know I think I saw Mario eying Toad the wrong way once...better send him to prison.

redfield853402d ago

If anything, isn't Bowser kidnapping Peach...kidnapping?

In Katamari you are basically destroying towns and people's lives. Terrorist!

And Pokemon is basically a glorified version of rooster fighting(I couldn't use the other word for rooster. heh.).