Most powerful ever quantum chip undergoing tests

QUANTUM computing for the masses could come a step closer if tests prove successful on a prototype chip designed to process more quantum data than any previous device.

Quantum computers have the potential to be vastly more powerful than conventional machines because they exploit the rules of quantum mechanics to perform many calculations in parallel. They are difficult to build, however, because quantum information is easily destroyed. The most powerful machines to date can cope with only a handful of quantum bits, or qubits, making them little more capable than a hand-held calculator.

In contrast, the prototype chip built by D-Wave Systems in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, is designed to handle 128 qubits of information.

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3548d ago
ps921173548d ago

So this is the chip that uses the superposition theory, one transitors does 50 cycle simultaneously? I would imagine you would need a very cold environment to detect such minute differences.

Mikerra173548d ago

this isnt something that will happen in th next 4 years

jerethdagryphon3548d ago

.01degree above absolute zero

cold enough for you?

still q computers are years rom being pratical

wibble3547d ago

I'm more impressed by the fact that some readers of N4G know about quantum computing.

I know I don't! :)

xabmol3547d ago

LOL @ this guy.

Another cool thing about the quantum level is "Quantum Entanglement"