PSi: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

PSi writes: "Because of the nature of the story, if you have any desire to see the movie, you should do that before picking up this game. It has no qualms about ruining any twists that were revealed in the movie, and quite frankly, since the game takes place so soon after those events, it really shouldn't have a problem doing so. But because of that, the movie experience might be slightly less than what it could be. If you've seen the movie and liked the style of action portrayed in it, then you should enjoy Weapons of Fate, because it does a pretty solid job of conveying the same feeling and style as the movie".

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DelbertGrady3548d ago

They forgot to mention that it gets repetitive before you've reached the second level and that it only takes about 3 hours to finish on the normal (assassin) difficulty. Oh, and there's nothing more to it after that except for some useless boss skins.

Other than that it's perfect.