Violent Sex Murder Linked To GTA IV

John Katehis, is a 16-year old, self proclaimed Extremist, Anarchist, and Sadomasochist who enjoys long conversations, drinking, bike riding, and hanging out. Sounds like the perfect guy for some violent sex with yeah? Well, as one unlucky individual found out, this was a bad combination to look for in a mate. That unlucky soul was WABC newsman George Weber.

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bgrundman3226d ago

Boy it sure seems like the media is grasping a straws for someone to blame.

CrAppleton3226d ago

Yeah.. it's a shame the second someone kills somebody.. EVERYONE wants to know if that person played games.. wtf?

roblef3226d ago

"the media?" whos' that? gamesareevil is, right?

3226d ago
Dark General3226d ago

Yes let's overlook the pedophilia and jump on the games are evil bandwagon.

poindat3226d ago

And they blame video games? Our society in its current state makes me want to kill myself, it's that ridiculous.

thats_just_prime3226d ago

On the bright isnt it nice to know we can all go out on crime spree and know we can get off by blaming the video games we play.

ChozenWoan3226d ago

Now I'm gonna have to go back and play it from the beginning, cause I obviously missed something... something good and dirty.

Yea, it's a shame the spin gaming is getting these days... and tragic that people can be so neglected by their parents that they have to turn to violence just to get attention.

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reluctant_gamer3226d ago

It's just sad, all around. Of course the media has to blame video games. It's the trend. If they blamed the crazy kid, they'd look like losers.

cereal_killa3226d ago

What do you think they would look like if they Blame the true source of any problem child...... THE PARENTS.

HDgamer3226d ago

guess what they blamed back in the 60's? Comic books, super man told everyone to kill people.

Tony P3226d ago

Although, Superman was kind of a d!ck back then.

Neco5123226d ago

I don't see anything linking this murder to videogames except the fact that the kid played them to begin with. By the things he calls himself I'd say he's F***ing crazy to begin with anyway

bgrundman3226d ago

Looks like someone is trying to use an insanity defense.

CrAppleton3226d ago

Like that kid who "didn't know his parents wouldn't respawn like they do in Halo".. what a bunch of BS

roblef3226d ago

I don't blame Blake. At all. He's really a nice guy.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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