What to Expect from Sony at GDC

Scruffy from PlayStation Gamer Uk Writes: "GDC has just started and there has already been some big announcements coming out of there. While it wasn't announced the first video of CryENGINE 3 was revealed already as were details on the OnLive gaming platform. So the question is what does Sony have in store for it's legions of rabid fans? Well, it's a short answer, jack squat."

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resistance1003164d ago

Just show me a new ICO game and i'm happy.

UnSelf3164d ago

We forget that Sony doesnt need to show much at all as theyve been showing much for the past 2 months or so

Vortigaunt3164d ago

Nothing. Anyway, I can't wait to see Mass Effect 2 this Friday!

swiftshot933164d ago

On topic: Team Ico please.

KionicWarlord2223164d ago

there hasnt been any announcement if sony or ms is even doing a keynote. very werid.

Scruffy_K3164d ago

Only Nintendo is doing a keynote, they take turns, Sony one year, Microsoft the next and then Nintendo. Sony will be next year and Microsoft the year after that

happyface3164d ago

wow, Sony has nothing new to announce??

sad news

Kamikaze1353164d ago

With all the amazing stuff announced in the passed 3 months or so, what else is there for 2009 for Sony? If there's more then I might actually consider taking a semester off from school just to catch up =P

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