Ace Gamez Review: WWE Legends of Wrestlemania

AG writes: "Wrestlemania: the granddaddy of them all. The star-spangled stage for the American Dream, upon which Hulkamania ran wild against gigantic odds to retain gold in the Silverdome, and Steve Austin raised a stone cold toast to every long suffering worker by giving them the ultimate, vicarious moment of revenge against their boss.

After years spent honing their recreations of the rosters, rivalries and ring work of the modern WWE in their SmackDown series, developers Yukes have now decided to immortalise the showcase of the immortals by taking a selection of the most famous matches from the first fifteen Wrestlemanias and standing them next to each other - eye to eye, toe to toe, icon to icon - but in a way that allows you to play with history in more than one sense."

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Jamegohanssj53548d ago

Mother fockers, give me a score. I want to show everyone that Wrestling games aren't lulz.