iPGN GDC: Real Racing Hands-On

iPGN writes: "I met with Firemint to get a hands-on with Real Racing. It was amazing.In general we here at iPGN are not huge fans of accelerometer controls. They are generally poorly tuned, slopy, and/or gimmicky. They also have a problem when you don't play flat on the table, or move positions, so we usually feel that accelerometer controls just don't work. Firemint's real racing changes all of that.

The controls are what accelerometer controls are supposed to be. First it auto calibrates, so you dont have to zero out the center every time you change positions. When you tilt to steer the controls feel amazing. It turns as little or as much as you want and you feel in complete control. I know looking at the screenshots people were hoping for a touch steering control but I'm here to tell you, even though you have the option for touch steering, you wont need it. The controls are amazing."

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