GDC 2009: 1000 DSi Points for new DSi buyers

Nintendo has revealed that consumers who purchase the new Nintendo DSi during the first six months after launch will receive 1000 Nintendo DSi Points after connecting to the Nintendo DSi Shop. The announcement was made during Nintendo President Satoru Iwata's keynote address at GDC today.

The new Nintendo DSi goes on sale across the United States on the 5th of April and consumers who purchase it will be able to redeem the Nintendo DSi Points for downloadable Nintendo DSiWare games and applications if they access the shop by the 5th of October, although the points can be redeemed at any time after that.

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resistance1003403d ago

Is this for Europe as well?

butterfinger3403d ago

I'm even happier to pick up my DSi now. :)

jay23403d ago

Oh that's good then :).

BrunoM3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Thats a really good deall .. i got a ds .. im not geting a dsi thing is with nintendo they will put out w.e wen it comes to ds (a.K.A gameboy )

thers no point next years e3 some how they will say dsi2 (Dsi lite Dsi1.5 mini ) will be out il stick to sony for now wen it comes to handhelds at lest i know if they come with a psp2 it will take another 4 to 5 years for me to see psp3 and i know it will be the most high tech any one will have seen in a hand held gaming machine ..

but w.e thats just what I THINK ( MY VIEW )

what you guys think about these any ways ?

SpoonyRedMage3403d ago

You do know Sony is on the third model of PSP and there's actually been less changes than to the DS?

BrunoM3403d ago

i do know what you mean but you didnt get what i was saying tho did you ?? ?

i bet il see the next DSi before i see the next psp .. and there no way any one can fight that ..

nintendo milked the ds (gameboy) so much add a lil light here add a pink thing here make it smaller gave it 2 screens ...

dont get me wrong anything new is always good but i wont be buy any more im over it is over for me (and thats just MY VIEW) for now il stick to the psp is mo high end and like i said wen the next one comes we ALL know is going to be with the newest tech out there ..

do you get me a lil bit beater now ?

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