Why Games Lack the Integrity of Film

Gamer Limit writes: "The games industry is becoming quite a monster. Just last week we reported how Resident Evil 5 had pretty much outsold everything apart from Mother's Day cards in the UK. Remarkably, this came as no real surprise to anybody that has been following the growth of the sector over the past year or two, which says a hell of a lot for the confidence that is flowing through the industry in 2009.

The film industry, in particular, appears to be suffering as a direct result. Music has been in trouble for a long time – blame stubborn major record labels for that - but film has managed to ride a technological storm that is now slowly (but surely) transforming the business into a so-called "dinosaur". Games are closing the gap - both financially and contextually - becoming, in many people's eyes, the natural successor to Hollywood. After all, who would argue that Grand Theft Auto IV, for example, doesn't offer a more worthwhile narrative and dramatic experience than most of today's movies?"

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Dimly3404d ago

Interesting take. I think movie fanboys are crazy rabid too, though! haha!

nirwanda3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

I've heard many an outcry over films just because they aren't clearly segregated into groups like xbox/ps3 doesn't mean they don't behatch about movies.

look at the outcry when starwars ep1 came out, or when the new terminator film was rumoured to have a pg rating, or people moaning about an actors acting ability(tom cruise etc).

Andrew Wiggin3404d ago

Intriguing, perhaps a followup on how to boost game to that level.

Cloud-14093404d ago

Cool stuff, great article

Fullish3403d ago

Cinema for gamers.. an arcade would be the closest thing? :)

Clance3403d ago

The article disregards arcades.... Rightly so! There should be more gaming facilities more akin to game conventions..... Permanently placed console-filed eutopia!

Major_Tom3403d ago

I think GTA4 is a bad example to capture that feel of authenticity.

kaironn3403d ago

Actually I liked Niko more than the faceless, terrible other GTA protagonists. I felt like Niko>Tommy V in my opinion. Less of a "howya doin'" mob stereotype and more "real".

ChozenWoan3403d ago

At least that's what the voices keep telling me.

Yea, it is true that many games are leaving us with faceless wonders these days. There just isn't any focus on char development. Some games like MGS4 have deep... abyss deep... story lines, but not much on individual char development. Which is something that you would expect an RPG to be great at, yet non have stepped up to the challenge.

iseven3403d ago

i agree with this article

Fullish3403d ago

I agree with this comment. haha

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