GDC09: Fallout 4 May Take Place in Japan

Ripten: "Over in San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference, a little sit down was held with a few respectable game developers.

Of the group, Emil Pagliarulo revealed that Bethesda Softworks is currently working on some more Fallout 3 downloadable content as well as the next Fallout."

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hotdawg3404d ago

Hell it can take place in my back yard for all I care as long as it's better than 3 which was AWESOMESAUCE!!

Bordel_19003404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

"Emil asked himself: “What famous landmarks can we destroy? What landmarks in Japan can we destroy?” Then after the crowd laughed, he said “I just realized how stupid it was of me to say that.” Could Fallout 4 bring a post-apocalyptic Japan to our homes?"

Maybe it's stupid because Japan has actually had atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and it may be a sensitive issue?


labaronx: I agree with that it's an interesting concept and a cool idea. I'm not saying I'd be against it, but in this case a post-apocalyptic setting in Japan could still be too soon. Just saying, some sensitivity should be applied here.

labaronx3404d ago

Which would be more legit than the Resident Evil 5 controversy.

it's still an interesting concept....

me and a friend were debating the location: He believe's they'll go back to california but i beleived they would go new york....

Ron Zook3404d ago

Based on some side quest storylines i figured it would take place in Chicago.

xyxzor3404d ago

They **** up the ps3 port. Now they want to take the game to japan. Just keep killing the franchise. It needs to go back to the west coast and shouldnt be restricted to one city.

Arsenic133404d ago

AW, i was hoping they would work on the next Elder Scrolls then the next Fallout.

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The story is too old to be commented.