Bioshock 2: A look at the facts...

The Start Screen writes:

"As I'm sure you're all aware, 2K has confirmed many gamers worst fears, as the rumors of playing as the first ever Big Daddy, have come true. For those unaware, or who didn't pay attention in the first game, the Big Daddies aren't just "cool, armored dudes." Quite the contrary.

The Big Daddies are essentially mentally unstable drug addicts, who have literally had their skin removed and replaced with that fearsome exterior many of us know and love. They've been mentally conditioned to care for, and nurture the Little Sisters, and if this isn't done right, the game could end up being a massive disappointment.

As someone on the 2k forums poignantly pointed out...

"If you're playing the Goonies game, who wants to play as Chunk?"

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jay23551d ago

I hope 2K send a free copy to celebs such as Amy Winehoues and Micheal Jackson!

borgome3551d ago

Wait until the game comes out, in the mean time and in between time STFU.