GDC 2009: Keighley: Big Announcement is Multiplatform

GOONL!NE: "Another update from Geoff Keighley on his Twitter, everyone thought that a new Zelda for the DSi was the big surprise he was referring to.

Nope, not in a million years. It'll be going down tonight and it is multiplatform."


Update 1: Also, GOONL!NE strongly now believes that it could be one of these three games.

- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Reveal Trailer
- Assassins Creed 2 - Reveal Trailer
- Mass Effect 2 - Big fu**ing trailer

Update 2: He's just updated it saying:

"If you're at GDC you'll definitely want to attend the awards tonight at 6:30. You may be pleasantly surprised."

This is most likely where this big announcement will happen.

Update 3: "Stay tuned - GDC awards close with a surprise trailer, which will be online immediately after. And yes, Infinity Ward is here."

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TheColbertinator3555d ago

Halo 4 for PS3,360 and DS confirmed XD

Johnny Cullen3555d ago


Max Power3555d ago

ps3 version out sells xbox version, hell freezes over and pigs learn to fly. wink ;)

Dark_Vendetta3555d ago

Damn that'd be a "FFXIII going to 360" like surprise

ThichQuangDuck3555d ago

Would be so amazing on now next gen systems bring it on unite america in the attack of the soviet union on America

Eidos make this come out
or possibly

Splinter Cell Conviction finally or
Assassins Creed 2

solideagle13555d ago

Metal Gear Solid 5?


gaffyh3555d ago

Ok it's a megaton announcement, and it's multiplatform.

Let's see it's either:

Mass Effect 2 coming to PS3, OR Alan Wake coming to PS3

Could also be MGS4: Subtitle (or MGS5 for 360/multi), but I don't see why that would be announced today, when Hideo has a keynote tomorrow

jackhammer063555d ago

Most probably announcement of Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 2.

Freak of Nature3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Kingdom hearts 3?

Or a real coming out party for Beyond good and evil 2 or assassins creed 2?

And in my dreams Oddworld Inhabitants unveiling of Citizen siege...

Perjoss3555d ago

Multiplatform? nobody here will be interested, what will all the fanboys gloat about? I guess there will eventually be an obligatory 360 vs ps3 comparison video! or a top 10 reasons why <insert name of game in question here> is better on 360 (or ps3).


Rampant3555d ago

Unless it's a former PS/Xbox exclusive.

Man_of_the_year3555d ago

FF XIII Versus going on the 360.

Beast_Master3555d ago

Or are you all gonna be like Human Torches? Always Flammin!

Here are some.

GTA 5 (or whatever they call it) a disk based game?

MGS5 made offical-- not likely with Kojima's keynote tommorrow.

Assasins Creed 2-- Highly likely!

Crysis annouced for consoles-- Low-- they would have annouced it with the Cry3 engine tech demo.

Some old game francise gets a remake or sequel-- 99% likely!

3555d ago
morganfell3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Real guesses? Here's one. Gears of War 2 new SP campaign that will also appear on the PS3 version of Gears of War 2.

Gears 2 is running on the PS3 at Epic. Why? Your guess is as good as mine but they have it running with the Gamespy middleware for multiplayer and they are addressing bugs. Why? They normally use the U3 engine for PS3 R & D but in this case they have the menus, splash screens, SP and MP structure running. If it is coming I don't expect the announcement until E3 but it still has to be considered a possibility for tonight.

It isn't Metal Gear related because Kojima will likely produce that game and he stated at GDC that no new game announcements will be coming relating to his work until E3.

Chubear3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

It's definitely some PS2 exclusive game that's now multiplat this gen. The best MS fanbase could hope for is to announce MGS4 but quite honestly, this wouldn't be much for the PS3 fanbase to look at.

Most have thoroughly enjoyed the game and couldn't care less if MGS4 was launching on the Xbox in Christmas this year or sometime next year. They're looking for the new stuff.

Bottom line, it'll be some multiplat game that wasn't multiplat last gen with promise of exclusive DLC. I'd put $10 on it.

... failing that it'll be some exclusive from Rare that MS will want it's fanbase to HYPE TO HELL like it's the ultimate second coming. Something like perhaps Killer Instinct.

Beast_Master3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Officially not the annoucement!

IGN is reporting that Kojima has confirmed he is working on a project but it will not be reveiled until E3!

So that one is off the table.

@Morganfell: I will believe it when I see it. I know you believe what you say but I just don't see how Gears could come to PS3 if Microsoft is/was the Publisher. I admit though I don't know what the stipulations are with Epic and Microsoft or what loopholes could exist. I could see Epic putting out another cover system 3rd person shooter game franchise, but it would lack Marcus and Dom.

rucky3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

I am going out on a limb here and say "Duke Nukem Forever CONFRIMED!!!"

ottoenie3555d ago

don't know, but is there a possibility it could be the new need for speed, since keith munro said there was a 4th in development, i really hope so.
(btw, please don't spam me or anything, i am just asking a simple question.)

Beast_Master3555d ago

I don't think it would be NFS, it isn't exactly a title that people would be excited to see, I know that NFS: Shift is creating alot of buzz but I think that EA is concentrating on hyping that one, before they announce the new one.

GiantEnemyCrab3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Why does this have to be a 360/PS3 thing?

Could if be Alan Wake for 360 and PC? Or even Mass Effect 2 for 360 and PC.

Isn't that considered multiplatform as well?

My guess is CoD:MW2

morganfell3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

If Keighley said Multiplatform he was being very specific. 360 owners can get their hopes up it's some PC/360 announcement but I don't think Keighley would have phrased it Multiplatform because he knows if one console is left out then there is going to be a huge backlash branding him inaccurate or a liar.

I would say the odds are about 75% it will be an Ubisoft title (GRAW 3 is under development as well as Assassin's Creed 2) or Mass Effect 2will be shown and it will be both consoles and PC. One note about GRAW 3, it's completely 3rd person closer to SOCOM in appearance and is less techy with a grittier take on combat.

I'll say either Mass Effect 2 or Assassin's Creed 2.

morganfell3555d ago

@ Beast Master. I am just saying they have it running on the hardware. Offer me an alternative reason and I will buy it. Remember, Jade Empire was published by MS and then a different publisher for the PC.

And be very clear. Epic owns the IP, not MS.

But it is running there and they have taken the trouble to put in multiplayer. Why? All I am saying is why? Also why would there be a sticky on the internal forum for people in the Unreal Developer's Network that says, "Do not ask for copies of Gears of War 2 on the PS3. We are only providing copies of games that have shipped to retail."

I will take any other logical answer. And this isn't me "believing" it is running on PS3 hardware. It is running.

morganfell3555d ago

Well it's COD MW2

"Stay tuned - GDC awards close with a surprise trailer, which will be online immediately after. And yes, Infinity Ward is here."

yz2503554d ago

quit playin both sides od the fence. you are a fat boy like dark power.

stephen u suck

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panasonic233555d ago

omg what game have ms stole now.

JeffGUNZ3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

That sentence is written so poorly, it's just pathetic.

EDIT: How can you disagree, that means you think that sentence was written in proper grammatical form, which it clearly wasn't.

Pennywise3555d ago

Jeff, leave him alone... at least he used more than one word! lol

His comments usually consist of: Awesome, nice, sweet, cool, etc.

3555d ago
Beg For Mercy3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Hate to say this but i think its metal gear solid related :0
The Metal gear Series is the last thing MS Hasn't Stole from sony

[email protected] would qualify because it has the series has been exclusive to ps3 so far this gen so it could be a stolen exclusive that's now a multiplat

KionicWarlord2223555d ago

no...when someone takes a exclusive its not multiplatform

Major_Tom3555d ago

Why would Sony let go a PlayStation mascot. some people aren't using their brains here but it is the open zone.

II-Reaper-II3555d ago

As much as I would like to say Panasonic is wrong i think hes right unfortanetly.I hope its not Metal Gear comin to 360 ill just die!!!!

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morganfell3555d ago

Multiplatform announcement is possibly (possibly) the new IP Epic has been working on that they haven't told anyone about. Yes I know it's in development but I do not know exactly what it is only that it isn't Gears or UT related.

Johnny Cullen3555d ago

I want to have your babies if your prediction comes true XD

Ausbo3555d ago

he probably means a new game. Announcing mass effect 2 multiplatform isn't a big announcement i think we all know it will eventually come. He is talking about a megaton so it will have to be a new game.

PirateThom3555d ago

Meh, these guys always go over the top with these announcements. I'm fairly certain the announcement will happen, it'll be something stupid and we'll all go back to playing Zeebo.

rhood0223555d ago

I could see that. Especially with the "no information on Mass Effect 2" line from Bioware instead of an outright denial.

Who knows if that'll be a megaton announcement. I mean, most people expect it already and may not be surprised IF that is the news.

Why dis3555d ago

Final Fantasy Versus or MG4 on 360 or something along those lines.

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Chuk53555d ago

I can see the game being modern warfare 2 considering it's multiplatform.

JeffGUNZ3555d ago

That's what I am thinking, a debut trailer for COD4MW2.

SupaPlaya3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

the most logical choice.

Wild guess would be Devil May Cry 5!

Trey4Lyfe3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

i'll also go with CODMW2

Giriath3555d ago

It's very possible, even more so now that they've launched their website.

SRuN43555d ago

If you follow Keighley's twitter you could pretty much piece this together last night with his tweets about the IW guys. Especially the comment "What brings you guys to GDC?", pretty obvious after that.

solidjun53555d ago

I mean a trailer was to be shown eventually. If it is COD:MW2 information then Jeff should've toned it down a bit. But hey, I could be wrong.

Jack Tretton might come out with a Mass Effect 2 tattoo on his arm.

DixieNormS3555d ago

that my friends would be a megaton.

Sarcasm3555d ago

Logical choice list:
Crysis for PS3/360
Mass Effect 2

Don't know what else.

Illogical Fanboy Guesses:
Killzone 2 for 360
God of War III for PC
Halo 6 for PS3

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