Playstation Home to receive three new spaces per month

In a discussion at the GDC today, Jack Buser, director of PlayStation Home Stateside, revealed that the social network application will launch three promotional spaces per month from here on.

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Zeus Lee3223d ago

Now THIS is how you run Home.

Godmars2903223d ago

But what's going to be in them is the question.

3223d ago
BrunoM3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

isent these like a hint to EA space these month so fat RE5 space XI Hub and thats 2 for now one missing lol...

i mai be wrong but just sounds right..


Dont ask questions it gets you disagrees lol.. no one ever told you asking is badd lol... ( n4g is getting to be a sad place )

darthv723223d ago

Will these trade shows have their own spaces?

ChozenWoan3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Playstation blog just posted info about Guitar Hero space for PSHome. You can even win prizes.

Let the Good Times Roll!!!

Link to the N4G post

DNAgent3223d ago

I guess the first month they decide to this they will add...

Resistance space, Killzone space, & EA space.

Those have been shown before but we still don't have them yet.

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Nelson M3223d ago

And on that Mat
It Must Say
No BoTs Allowed

doctorstrange3223d ago

and I'm sure that no. will only go up as developers start to feel home spaces for their games becomes a necessity(I think to ensure this Sony must do this for all their 1st/2nd party games -- I'm looking at you KZ2)

Hallucinate3223d ago

if this is true there ganna have to re work the world map

Godmars2903223d ago

Like they've needed to do it for the Warhawk or the RE5 Capcom areas?

Capcom could have 20 areas and you'd still start off on the one token when you go into locations. That's how Sony set it up.

Hallucinate3223d ago

and what happens when you got 20 diffrent publisher so diffrent spaces like red bull? its ganna be pretty damn cluttered

-GoD_-oF-_WaR-3223d ago

If this happens. Home will get more visits from me

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The story is too old to be commented.