Amazon Ups the Trade-In Ante Against Gamestop writes:

"Amazon is upping the ante against Gamestop with their latest promotion.

Trade in any four games through's Video Games Trade-In store before April 12, 2009 and in addition to your Gift Card, you'll receive $20 off a select new release title in the Video Games store.

Don't have 4 games you want to trade in? Trade in any two games before April 12, 2009 and you'll receive $10 off a select new release.

The participating titles to choose from are listed on their site..."

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Myst3527d ago

Now all that is needed is an Amazon chain store. I'd visit that more frequently than any other store, and I'm sure most people would probably visit it over wal-mart (maybe?)

crck3527d ago

Most people shop at Amazon so they don't have to pay sales tax. Opening up locations in a bunch of states would force them to charge sales tax in every state with a store even on their website. A very very bad idea as it is Amazon's biggest advantage. I know the only reason I shop there is to save on tax. BTW I tried their trade-in service. It is ok but it takes about 2 weeks for them to credit your account with the gift cert. EB is still the place to go if you want to do a quick trade in. Selling on ebay is still the best place to get the most money for your game.

Myst3527d ago

Ah, that was the main reason as to why I would have liked to have seen at least a small trade-in store from amazon. 2 Weeks isn't bad if you plan ahead, but yet it seems like an eternity. I may give a try but it depends on how much I would get versus what I would get from gamestop.