CryEngine 3 - PS3 vs Xbox 360 HD Video

Crytek has just released a new video showing off their incredible engine running on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, with new footage and specifying which console runs each segment.

The video encoded in high bitrate and is available for streaming and downloading.

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Aquanox3525d ago

I know I will get a lot of disagrees but I must honestly say that if this is how each console will run this engine, then I must say that Killzone 2 and RE5 have just been outperformed.

Daz3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

i agree but everyone has a differnt outlook on what graphics are good and great.

i like crysis more but others like others game better.

MURKERR3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

we know your desperate, but you should wait for a REAL preview before you start with your fanboy flame comments. companies are known for touching up videos of their games and this is certain

YungXclusive2K93525d ago

I honestly don't think 360 will be able to handle the physics of the trees and lighting effects of this engine, which is the main reason why crisis was so detailed on great gamer computers.

Look at the way the trees sway and break down, Those are not graphics those are physics

my ps3 has multiple cores to handle effects like that my 360 doesn't

Montrealien3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

And so it begins, let the useless, magnifying glass pixel counting arguing commence.

/on topic

I must say, it`s looking good, expect a few games to support this since EA is knee deep into Crytech.

testerg353525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

YungXclusive2K9, I thought 360 had 3 cores, while the PS3 had 1 core and 7 SPEs?

Edit: No on what?
CPU: Cell Processor
• PowerPC-base Core @3.2GHz
• 1 VMX vector unit per core
• 512KB L2 cache
• 7 x SPE @3.2GHz
• 7 x 128b 128 SIMD GPRs
• 7 x 256KB SRAM for SPE
• 1 of 8 SPEs reserved for redundancy
• total floating point performance: 218 GFLOPS

360 -
Custom IBM PowerPC-based CPU
• Three symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz each
• Two hardware threads per core; six hardware threads total
• VMX-128 vector unit per core; three total
• 128 VMX-128 registers per hardware thread
• 1 MB L2 cache

Leio3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Nice now let see how Sony is gonna answer to this :D

morganfell3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Well it isn't just the physics mind you. How big are the worlds going to be? Disc space suddenly rears it's ugly head.

You are also looking at a game engine that won't be seen until 2011. By which time we will have already seen the final God of War III engine and will have seen the new Killzone 3 engine. No multiplatform engine can compete on the same field as a dedicated engine.

What games are using this engine? Exactly.

What question are Sony supposed to answer? It's a tech demo. Some people will buy into anything. No AI, no game scripting, a great deal is missing from a tech demo. As soon as you start taxing a system with that the visuals will take a major hit.

Multiplatform engines don't look or work as well as dedicated game engines. Jack of all Trades = Master of none.

And Killzone 2 lighting engine rules all over this. Question answered now put your hand down.

YungXclusive2K93525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )


correct morgan how the hell is my 360 gonna run some shi* like this when it can only hold 5 gigs of disk space with the other 2 for security

and what makes killzone 2 so spectacular is the lighting effects and the and particle effects just look at phyrus rise on

Crysis Has some bad azz graphics though but they seem impossible on my 360 without drastic measures, and News flash to microsoft nobody has a 100mb per second bandwith so we can't download this shi*

theKiller3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

sorry Killzone 2 is ps3 exclusive!!!!

while these videos r great have yet to see it in real action!!!!

plus the good thing about KZ2 is not only graphics but the animation and art style combined with the graphics and different and many light rendering!!!

so far Killzone 2 is the best FPS game ever made and best console graphical game in existence!! until that is broken then let me know by who!!!

Montrealien3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Morganfell defending a PS3 game!?! I am shocked!

I love being me, I think this engine looks great for consoles just how colorful it is wins points for be compared to Killzone 2 though. With that said I also think Killzone 2 looks great. Now was that so hard? Being me, and not a brand wh*re rocks!

joydestroy3525d ago

no dude, i def agree with you. that looks amazing!
i'm speechless!!! just wow! esp the water effects.

3525d ago
HDgamer3525d ago

Comparisons of games that aren't out or playable. Wow

JokesOnYou3525d ago

hands down best gaming engine on either platform....that vid is awesome....dammm I'm excited.


Aquanox3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

RE5 yes. I believe it has the best character models and lighting out there whereas Killzone 2 has the best particle effects and probably psychics and there are great enemy animations on both.

The vegetation, lightning and water I see here aren't matched in any of those games. They could improve the citadel scenes though.

Major_Tom3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

I don't mean to be cynical but honestly how do you think the Xbox 360 is going to graphically out perform the PS3? It's not going to happen, the PS3 has newer hardware in it that's all it comes down to.

RE5 is extremely static and linear that's a bad example.

The Lazy One3525d ago

there are some really dumb people disagreeing to some of the comments in this article...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Myth3525d ago

"look at the Island at 1:19 and campare it to the ps3 Island"
Very true this engine looks awesome on both systems. But the PS3 pulls way ahead on this one look at 1:19.

y0haN3525d ago

Look how crap this looks on PS3. The colours, the aliasing, the lighting. Oh my!

ps921173525d ago

No ps3 has 7 cores, vs 360 3 cores, in a single chip of a ps3 you have a single logic cpu and 7 spus, in 360 yo have 3cpus.

3525d ago
Sharingan_no_Kakashi3525d ago


hazeblaze3525d ago

RE5 is not at the top of the heap to begin with... but I agree. Still... doesn't look much better than KZ2 yet graphically. But by the time they release finished games vs. demo trailers, it should be a different story. However, it's interesting how much better the water and volumetric smoke look on the PS3 version.

thewhoopimen3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

hahah... Walther. Tell me your arguments again and lets compare multiplatform vs. exclusives.

If multiplatforms are so great why are there more people playing exclusives comparatively? Why do magazine writers consistently proclaim this or that exclusive as the "best looking game we've seen on this console?" Technology just isn't pushed to the edge on a multiplat that any exclusive will get.

Multiplats are middle-of-the-road titles when it comes to the technology envelope. The goal of the developer is to make a multiplat fun equally well on all consoles. It's about compatibility not performance.

I'm not even trying to do a console comparison and I still have your reasoning debunked. Please try a little harder.

Aquanox3525d ago

Ok look at this picture:


Nothing, I repeat nothing in consoles looks as good at the moment. I can understand people saying this has been doctored (I myself think there's a bit of that) but believing any game, Killzone or not, looks as good or better than that is just ridiculous.

All-33525d ago

LOL --> What part of --> "REAL TIME" didn't you understand?

DelbertGrady3525d ago

The PS3 fanboys are crying like it was holiday 2008 all over again.

joydestroy3525d ago

if you think this engine won't be on anything until 2011, i'd like to disagree on that.

i think Crytek will use the CryEngine 3 to port Crysis Warhead over to consoles and make some extra dough. it might not be called Crysis Warhead though. i think we'll see this engine in a game by the end of 2010.

solidjun53525d ago

irrelavent comments.


P.S. You sound like Foxgod. ;)

3525d ago
Doctor_Doom3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

This is a multiplatform engine so why all the hate towards Crytek ???

I still remember Farcry for the original Xbox, it was one of the best looking game in the last Gen.

Best engine so FAR

@ aqua below

You mean four years down the drain XD

Aquanox3525d ago

Why all the hate?

Just speculating but maybe, just maybe because their "Graphics Kingdom" lasted less than a month.

Seriously now, can't understand how anybody can NOT be impressed by this. It's running on machines not comparable to the PCs pulling off Crysis.

emitsomla3525d ago

54-57 seconds in the video shows that the 360 handles lighting better...

y0haN3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Epic disagrees and bubble loss for stating facts :)

The PS3's shadows are also poorer.

DaTruth3525d ago

This comment section is making me have to actually watch a comparison video! I don't usually bother with these!

GUNS N SWORDS3525d ago

what morganfell fails to really understand or state is that the engine is pushing this level of quality and at the same time working it's power on both consoles.

i don't really see a reason to start bashing the engine, as if the engine posses as some sort of a threat. imo, this engine is some peace of work.

SaberEdge3525d ago

It looks pretty nice, but if you notice, all of the panning is done very slowly (as in most engine demos), not quickly the way you pan the camera in a real game.

I also noticed quite a bit of slowdown and the physics reactions seemed kind of slow as well. The very small sections with shooting and characters on screen didn't seem to run very well and the animation wasn't that great.

So far it looks good, but I want to see how it performs in a real game with real gameplay and real chaos going on around you.

Right now I would say that it is definitely going to be one of the better engines out there, but so far I wouldn't really put it ahead of some of the better game engines already out.

7ero H3LL3525d ago

why is ps3 lacking in shadows and texture detail on the right side of the screen?

you can totally see the scars on the walls better in the 360 version, no joke.

Ghoul3525d ago

wtf is wrong with you guys

this is a DEMO of a work in progress engine.
drawing conclusion about it beeing the best engine or wich plattform looks better is childish

in fact most comments above me are total bs.

All-33525d ago

BOTH console version footage have examples of POP-IN...

Look at 01:01 of the PS3 footage... pop pop.


As for the comments about physics and the 360... look at 01:27 - 01:50 footage... and NOTE the --> REALTIME <-- declaration in the --> TOP RIGHT CORNER of the screen! Duhhh!

sloth4urluv3525d ago

"how the hell is my 360 gonna run some shi* like this when it can only hold 5 gigs of disk space with the other 2 for security "

Amazing... crysis seems to fit on a single DVD.
And after installation its still only aroun 6GB.
Crysis Warhead is closer to 5GB.
Not to mention that since its for consoles the texture resolutions will be made smaller, so that makes it take up even less space.

Not saying DVD dosnt have its limitations, but dont think it impossible to have the game fit.

GVON3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

because thats not the console version.
And neither is this
But it was released with the same screens from crytek,and I think there just trying to hype it up with the fans.

Also compare this to 1.19 in the vid


In regards the KZ2 vs cryengine 3 debate,first it's a little pointless right now,the only parts you should look at are the city and alley's if you really want to compare
From 08 build

I tried to find the images I wanted but couldn't,I was looking for the alley with the tank breaking through before the square,the particle effects there are crazy.

then (remember a tech demo)

But at the end of the day it's a multiplat engine,so it don't matter,bring on Timespliters 4

phosphor1123525d ago

The "scars" on the wall aren't even in the PS3 pic because it is outside the image, look at the lights on the right, you see two of them on the 360 picture, but on the ps3 one you see only 1, and those "scars" are 2 the right of the first light.

Anyway, shadows do look better on the 360 version BUT, that's only if you are close. In the comparison, you can see the shadow pop in for the 360, and even delayed shadow draws, example is shown when the tree is falling over. The PS3 version has a bit more blurry shadows, but it has a lot more over all. You can also see the amazing draw distance on the PS3 during this island camera pan. You can see the trees on the mountain in the distance, while the 360 version doesn't show them at all.

The FPS on the 360 version, to be blunt, is horrid. The PS3 had a constant frame rate, except for the HIGHLY detailed forest. I don't think the 360 version was handling the forest well either, thus showing only the guy looking at the water, shooting it. The PS3 clip, on the other hand, showed the guy walking around and such.

I think right now they are trying to show "equal" comparisons, but also hiding the flaws it has. I don't blame them, but they still have a long way to go.

I can say more but this is a work in progress, so things will be changed and improved.

MNicholas3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

PS3 version is shown demoing more real-time lights (although this could just be what they chose to show rather than a limitation of the 360 version of the engine)

PS3 version has much better draw-distance and LOD which is demonstrated when they do a back to back comparison at 1:18 to 1:21 (360) and 1:22 to 1:26 (PS3)

Yet even the PS3 version is not noticably better than existing multiplatform games. The frame-rate and pop-in is just atrocious in both versions. It's simply an underperforming engine at this point in development.

Perhaps we have some improvements to look forward to.

As for the physics for shooting trees, I have no doubt they'll be able to implement a simplified version on their console engine. It's really not hard to do hit response on relatively static objects that have no AI. Doing precise hit response on fully animated and AI controlled objects, on the other hand, requires a lot more processing power than what, I suspect, this engine was designed to handle.

SuperM3525d ago

The engine looks amazing. But its still way to early to say if its best looking one. Its the best on the 360, that i think we can all agree with. But i dont know if its just the recording, but it felt like there was some framerate issues and also quite abit texture pop-in. So its not likely that games using this engine will look quite as good as the tech demo. Atleast not until the engine has been further optimized. Also from the video it seemed to me like the PS3 version was slightly superior. Alot more detail on the island in the background. But ye, to early to tell for sure.

But nomather this looks good, so its gonna be exciting when we see games using the engine. Also remember this engine is Upscalable so its even gonna run on the next generation of consoles. So that means that any insane looking screenshot you see might have been taken from a super high end pc running with significantly better graphics. Unless you know the footage is from a console version then you shouldnt cheer to much.

Matpan3525d ago

Wow... looks like no one can have an opinion of their own... right?

Let´s make this... when I can THINK a game looks better than Killzone 2, will you let me know?

just send me a PM and then I can like another game more.

Thanks... I feel much better now than someone who is clearly a freethinker and not a fanboy at all will drive my opinion on graphics in games :)

Danja3525d ago

Color me impressed , very promising engine indeed , but as of right now this tech demo doesn't look better than KZ2 as many are guessing it's mostly Xbox fans whom haven't played KZ2 yet trust me KZ2 looks better than this with better physics and lighting also..

but the water effects in this game is crazy and I like the outside scenery and the jungle also...pretty amazing for a multi-plat engine ....

I also think ppl are getting a lil carried away remember this is just a "Tech Demo" when they start to work on the physics , and add in all thos A.I and what not the graphics will take a hit some-what , plus I saw some slowdowns and pop-ups..and in the 360 version when he approaches the ocean and shoots the barrels , a piece of object goes into the ocean but it disappears before it even touches the water...which shows that there's still alot of work to be done..

ThanatosDMC3525d ago

Best character models is not RE5. It's Uncharted.

In game realistic movements for Uncharted while RE5 needs cinematics to show those mo-cap movements. RE5 has a tank in game.

Also, Nathan Drake actually moves/reacts with his environment like when he freaks out with a grenade nearby or when there's a freak zombie mummy thing running after him or when he's getting shot at... he's facial expression changes in game and his body postures.

Also, all of those Uncharted cinematics are in game graphics... just have Nathan Drake next to a wall and move about the camera close to his face like it's as close to his face during a cinematic... they're the same.

RE5 with the best character models??? Wow...

s8anicslayer3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

very impressive demo! let's hope EA does this right, Crysis on my PS3 is gonna look awsome.

Jake11113525d ago

I finished KZ2 2x and GOW2 3 times. They both look better than that demo..... KZ2 being miles ahead of that.

Crysis has its work cut out for them if they think that is going to compete with KZ2 with that!

The sad thing is that fanboys think they have to boost this mediocre demo up to KZ2 level without even playing the game.

At this point there is nothing available the compares to KZ2. The game is as close to a movie as you want to be. The AI is incredible as well which only adds to the masterpiece!


FlameBaitGod3525d ago

I love how the 360 fan boys call any 1 who disagree with them PS3 fan boys LOL. They have to say that so feel better inside, they try to deny they are fan boys by calling others fan boys lol

Spydiggity3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

is it really so hard for ps3 fanboys to admit that after 4 years of development and 50 million dollars, killzone is already being trumped? give it a rest. nobody cares about your fanboy opinions. killzone 2 wasn't an impressive game ever, but this engine is at least waking up some ppl.

but the truth is, you can never tell a ps3 exclusive owner that anything is better than its exclusives. despite the fact that no 2 games combined on their system have sold as well as 360 exclusives. not that i think 360 is a better system. just has better games. and as far as graphics go...get over it. every console game is going to be embarrassed by cryengine 3, not just your beloved KZ.

Cryengine 3 is still a step backwards from Cryengine 2 though.

and to the idiots calling the top guy a troll. he didn't single out any system and simply said the games that are considered to be high end now are going to be put to shame soon enough. that's not an attack at any system. anyone who can take what he said and turn it into him being a fanboy is, in fact, an illogical fanboy. hypocrites.

EDIT: oh, and for the ps3 fanboys that were going around saying 360 can't handle the graphics that ps3 can put out for the past 2 years. despite the fact that you have been proven wrong time and time again with virtually every game comparison, i think seeing this engine running on both systems equally well is proof that no exclusive in the sony lineup puts out power beyond what 360 can handle. so stop trying to spread propaganda.

@flamebait, you've definitely got that ass backwards. the ps3 fanboys come out in waves of ridiculous trolling. and the very first comment in this thread is proof of that. he didn't say a word about 360 or ps3, and yet look at the responses. once again...hypocrites

@jake, you're clueless

FlameBaitGod3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Dude Aquanox had first post... how aren't people going to reply to him. That guy is a holy 360 fan boy lol, and he doesnt need 2 say PS3. He already said killzone2 and that's a PS3 exclusive, he trows out R5 because if he says killzone 2 alone it will sound rlly fan boy'ish. He Isnt dumb... and my ass.... its a birth condition :(

joeymp3525d ago

To the untrained eye one might believe that the 360s shadows are better yet the ps3s shadows are more realistic. See the problem with the 360 is it makes all of it shadows very detailed as if all the objects were very up close so objects that are 80ft away have shadows just as detailed and sharp as objects that are 5ft away. While the ps3 adjusts for this and makes objects that are very far away have less sharp and more faded shadows but retains sharp, dark shadows for upclose objects. So as you can see to most people they would look at those images and see that there are more sharp and dark shadows on the 360 version, so that must be the better version, but in reality the world doesnt really look like that, and that the ps3 version more closly resembles the real world.

kendostyle_3525d ago

is it only me or has anyone notice the ps3 only getting like 1 second of real time and xbox gets like 10 years of real time? -_-

godofthunder103524d ago

Here we go again.Every time anyone claims that the 360 could handle good graphics(like it really matters)ps3 fanboys have a breakdown.they start crying and saying they don't know what they are talking about,they are 360 fanboys and also makes other stupid remarks.On the other hand if the same guy would say that the ps3 is the greatest then they all would sux his d*ck.

I said it before i will say it again.I know they have 360 fanboys but ps3 fanboys out # them 3 to 1 or more.Fanboys are just hypercrist.They will always agree when someone say a + thing about the system they have even if they know it's not true and diagree with - news about the system they have even when they know it's true.They will also disagree about + news about the other system even if they know it's true.They will also agree with - news about the other system even when they know it's not true.

Here's a few exsamples of why ps3 fanboys are hypercrits.

1-They claim that Microsoft is the only company that buys exclusives or steal them like they say.They claimed that microsoft paid for NINJA GAIDEN,FINAL FANTASY,GRAND THEFT AUTO so they can steal them from SONY.They also claimed that microsoft tryed to buy METAL GEAR SOLID 4 from sony.The fact is that SONY bought the exclusive rights of all these games and other top ps exclusives from nintendo and that's a fact.The fact is that when Sony 1st came out with the ps they went at evey nintendo game they could.Microsoft is doing the same thing to Sony what Sony did to Nintendo.I always hear ps3 fanboys running their mouths that Sony never did and never will buy exclusive.I guess since it's Sony that buys exclusives it's alright but if any other company do the same thing it's wrong.

2-(1)They claimed that Sony never copy anyone.They claim that every 1 have to copy Sony because they can't come up with anything of their own like Sony.1-Nintendo came out with the moition controller 1st,Sony seen that people liked it and changed the 1 they already showed and made it a moition controller.(2)-When Microsoft 1st came out with the xbox they said they just didn't want to make a game system but a media center.The president of Sony said that people that buy a game system don't want a media center they wont to play games.They also said that their games will be better because they would beable to spend all their time on making better games and Microsoft want.When Sony seen it taken off,what they did.They turned around and made the ps a media cenmter.(3)-Microsoft came up with the ideal of downloadabl games,movies,music and extra levels of games 1st.When Sony seen this they started doing it.(4)-Microsoft charge between 30 and $40 a year for online play.Sony said they will never do it.Well the ps3 isn't making any money so Sony is thinking about doing that to.(5)They all called Microsoft money hungry and all kinds of other names because they are charging people(because it's better) for online play.They also said they will never pay to play online.Well Sony is talking about doing it.The same people that trashed Microsoft about it and said they will never pay for it is singing a different tune.Now they are saying it's not bad and they would pay for it.(6)They are always saying that Microsoft coppied the Ninyendo wii and i agree with them.On the other hand sony coppied home off of sims.The people that claim different are full of sh*t and a lier.(9)the same things with games.I still remember when OBLIVIAN 1st came out and was suppose to be an exclusive.Ps3 fanboys said the game was over rated and it suxed.They also said they were glad it wasn't on the ps3 because it's will be a disgrace to put a game like that on the ps3.Well when it was put on the ps3 they were all saying something different.They were all saying how great the game is and recomend every 1 to buy it.

The fact is that all the ps3 fanboys that saying negative things about articles like this are all hypercrits.They all act like sony will give them money or something because they are making an a** out of themselfs.

I agree with them on a few things.The ps3 is a good system and it has some good games on it.I think that KZ2 and r1&2 are great games.I wish they were on the 360.I know that every 1 that owns a 360 wont at least 1 ps3 exclusive on the 360.I also know that every 1 that have a ps3 wont at least 1 360 exclusive on the ps3 and that's a fact.When somene claims that every game on the other system sux is just a lier.They wish that the system they have have some exclusives from the other system on it.The problem is that they are bias,childish and pathetic.I also know that Sony did do good things for game systems but damn they didn't do every thing like ps3 fanboys clim.

Like i said i think the ps3 is a good system but the 360 is to.The problem with ps3 fanboys is that they think the ps3 is the greatest creation since man and they are way off.The ps3 have postive things and NEGATIVE things about it and the 360 does to.Developers already said that the ps3 does some things better then the 360 and the 360 does somethings better then the ps3.The other problem with ps3 fanboys is that they think every time a person here the name ps3 or any of their games they should jump up and down,then fall to their knees and thank god for it.Hell x-play gave kz2 a 5 out of still wasn't good enough for ps3 fanboys.they still emailed him because of his rating and called him a 360 lover.I guess they wanted him to give it a 10 out of 5.They also act like it's the greateast game every made.The fact is that it didn't do anything for games.It's just a shooter,it's a good shooter but still it's just a SHOOTER GET OVER IT!They better thank cleclo and atari because with out them we probaly wouldn't have home systems today.

The most important thing isand this is for ps3 and 360 fanboys.PLEASE stop talking about GRAPHICS.Graphics is the last thing the majority of people look for.When i look to buy a game i don't give a sh*t about graphics.I still like to play old nintendo games and some wii games more then some on the 360 and ps3.The reason is because the games are a lot better.About %99 of the people would play a fun game 1st before a game with just great graphics and nothin else.So PLEASE stop crying about GRAPHIC because know one cares.A person should even worry about the system they don't have.They should judt enjoy the one they have because the other 1 don't concern them 1 damn bit.In other words they need to growup and get a life.The fact is that they are both great systems and here to stay.

Aquanox3524d ago

Lots of replies. Wow!

Look guys, this is a next generation engine which first results will be seen in 2011 at the earliest. It's basically a next gen engine yet people keep arguing about current games looking better.

I knew that levels of fanboyism around were excessive but this is just out of all proportions. No game currently looks better than this, it even surpasses Crysis in some aspects (water for example) so please guys, knock it off.

likedamaster3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

The lighting on the ps3 version is horrendous! Between 0:54-0:57 you can see it. Better yet, here's a pic...

NIGHT_HAWK32103518d ago

ps3 fanboys are garbage. get over yourselves. you idiots disagree with any comment about the xbox being good. this damn site is so overrun with ps3 fanboys it is outrageous. dont ever say anything bad about killzone , or you will get blasted for it. what a bunch of bias idiots.

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Zeus Lee3525d ago

Ps3 has more natural coloring,Xbox 360 has slightly more detail,PC crushes both.

Kain813525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

you will see that the PS3 is not only sharper, but it has more deatails in the distance. The 360 version is little bit washed out

Edit: @rai85 here is a Phantom who disagrees^^

Rai853525d ago

Look it in HD and you will see. Its a Fact, not Fanboy comment or something.

rucky3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

I like the 0:55 vs 0:56 comparison. Really shows the difference between both versions.

Why dis3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

I disagree with #2.1 the PS3 version is missing Atmospheric Lighting and small graphical effects touches.

Just like RE5 when PS3 fans thought the PS3 version was clearer when they simply misunderstood that there were graphical effects missing like Dust haze etc. I like the more vibrant 360 version more closely matching the PC game's color palette.

crysis is not suppose to be uber photo real but beautiful and obviously the devs where trying to match the milestone of the game Crysis in this tech demo lol. PS3 version does not have the look of crysis art.

PC game

morganfell3525d ago

Weapon detail on the PS3 is significantly higher. Animated grass on the 360 is almost non-existent. Animated grass is a tell tale.

Max Power3525d ago

you notice the shadow pop ins for the 360 when they do the island pan?

SevWolf3525d ago

I'm sorry I would consider your comment but I honestly think that all that comes out of your mouth is sh*T, I take into consideration everybodies comments them being fanboys or true gamers, but for some reason your the only person ive seen on the internet that I just dont bother with listening to(you're worse than the guys on the gametrailers forums)

HDgamer3525d ago

Whydis is from gametrailers forums. Rabid fanboys FTL

II Necroplasm II3525d ago

Rabid fanboys lol and you are pointing out 1 out of 100 on this site lol

Man_of_the_year3525d ago

Going by the comments - it looks more like Rabid PS3 fanboys than any other kind of fanboy.

YOu guys point at WhyDis who is 1 person yet there are about 6 of you guys saying the same thing but for the PS3....

hazeblaze3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Yea, both versions look freakin great, but the PS3 version is better in quite a few areas. The PS3 has better lighting, water, effects (volumetric smoke on PS3 version looks WAY better), appears to boast slightly more detail... and the 360 version just looks a little washed out.

EDIT: I kind of doubt most of them are necessarily PS3 fanboys... you can look at the vid and see for yourself. The differences are pretty obvious. I don't think anyone has claimed the 360 version looks bad, but it's pretty clear that the PS3 version is noticeably better.