AppSmile iPhone Game Reviews: Up There

AppSmile writes: "Veiled Games describes their title Up There as "elegant in its simplicity, addictive in its pure fun." We did have fun with the game but didn't find our staff spending much time with it. In the game you control a balloon that instantly begins rising after being released from its cage. Why it was caged in the first place remains a mystery to us. The difficulty comes into play when the balloon encounters obstacles in the form of bookshelves, wood blocks, etc. Tilting the iPhone directs the balloon left and right. A score is tallied by the amount of time the balloon stays active without being force off screen. We found nothing objectionable about Up There but at the same time, didn't find anything outstanding to love. The game gets real hard real fast. So, if you love balloons and you're up to a challenge, you'll enjoy Up There."

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