The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - new details

VG247: Nintendo just released the first proper details of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, following this morning's showing of the DSi game in GDC's Iwata keynote.

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Vahn163554d ago

Link's on a train. Drake's on a train. What is it with console icons and trains this year?

Maxned3554d ago

Meh. The train idea seems kinda iffy. But I like how they went back to the land theme, not the water theme. I dont think the whole Wind Waker style worked on the DS.

This better not slow the release of Zelda Wii...

SpoonyRedMage3554d ago

Ahh, but is Snake on a Plane?;)

Seems FFVII and VIII were ten years ahead with all this love for trains.

shocky163554d ago

uncharted: the treasure train..

Gears 3: fall of the locust train

Super mario train world


orakga3554d ago

Change that pic into the DS version.
That makes it look like the Wii is getting the next Zelda.

Personally, all I heard from that Keynote was that the Wii ain't getting any more games.

Insanium3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )


Everybody, THIS is why I sold my Wii. We just keep getting shafted. I see the picture with the title, and it looks like a sequel to Twilight Princess to me, due to the fact I interpreted "tracks" as "animal tracks." But THEN I read the article, all excited. But NOOOOO. It's a DS game. We need something to get us by Nintendo. SSBB just isn't cutting it anymore. Madworld is an amazing 3rd party game. And I'm looking forward to Dead Rising and House of the Dead. But other then that, all that the Wii is getting is more Party Babyz and Cooking Mamas from third parties. We need GOOD games. So Nintendo, chop chop.

I apologize for the rant. I had to say it. Very badly.

NIN643554d ago

Hope this isn't for DSi only. I refuse to buy another upgraded version of the same handheld from Nintendo. . .

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