Massively: One Shots: Beware Bambina's vengeance


"Normally pop-culture references in MMOs are just something placed there to make you laugh, but the one featured in today's One Shots can seriously mess your day up if you mess with it. Normally, you'll see this little Disney-inspired group (Bambina, Thudder, Flora, and Mother of Bambina) wandering around. Occasionally, an NPC will spawn, kill the mother, and the rest of the group will attack and kill the NPC. That said, if you're crazy enough to attack and kill Bambina's entourage, Bambina will flip out, turn into Vengeful Bambina, and attack you at 150% of her normal attack speed, with 2000% her normal damage, and is unable to be killed. Needless to say, an innocent day in the woods can turn dangerous in an instant! With that in mind, we can understand why Michelle from Lightbringer decided to just enjoy the reference and continue onwards with her daily adventures: I couldn't help myself. Here I am minding my own business in Grizzly Hills, when Bambina and her entourage wanders by. I had to share after I had a good laugh and fond memories of a childhood loving that other Disney character."

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