Could OnLive Spell 'The End' for Consoles?

GamerAreEvil writes, "For those of you who have missed the news about this new piece of tech, let's have a quick rundown. OnLive is being hailed as the "New generation of gaming" and the world's highest performance Games On Demand service. Founded by tech entrepreneur Steve Perlman, the project has been in development for the past seven years.

Set for a Winter 2009 release, OnLive will allow you to play the latest games via home broadband direct to your TV via the OnLive MicroConsole. This will also work on your PC or Mac without any downloads or install time.

As awesome as this sounds, let's get back to the initial question: Could OnLive Spell 'The End' for Consoles?...."

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bgrundman3406d ago

This could be a huge jump for gamers, but would it help the industry?

CrAppleton3406d ago

This is rubbish.. it'll never replace consoles..

NNNW3406d ago

i think there are clone accounts here

meepmoopmeep3406d ago

seeing as ISP's are all jumping on the cap-wagon

i'd say OnLive has a shaky future

Viper73406d ago

Maybe in far future, but to stream a game will probably have massive requariments on ppls connection speeds. Streaming Full-HD picture without any lag sounds pretty far fetched when thinking about the fact that many are still using broadbands of 1mbps or less.

As for home consoles I would say no, but for portable consoles like psp these kinds of streaming features could actualy be pretty nice if they get them work really well, REALLY well. Just think about playing all your Ps3 games with PSP :|

ThanatosDMC3406d ago

I bet the controller will suck. It's all ready trying to copy the PS3/360 controller. Patents will kill their controller.

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bgrundman3406d ago

Which console has the most to loose from this?

CrAppleton3406d ago

none.. I can't see it happening..

Neco5123406d ago

I'm with @CrAppleton I don't see this happening

Neco5123406d ago

I can't imagine that this will do too well.. things like this usually don't. People like having consoles at home

bgrundman3406d ago

I guess you are right... I am a big fan of having a game collection.

reluctant_gamer3406d ago

No way this will ever work. I mean, not everyone has a good connection. And it looks retarded.

resistance1003406d ago

Nope, however i can see this helping the PC gaming industry a lot.

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The story is too old to be commented.