GDC09 Nintendo Keynote Video Impressions

Nintendo unleashes some cool new stuff in their GDC09 keynote...

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greeneggsnsam3433d ago

Whoo! New Zelda at last! Warioware seems cool too but I'm not buying a DSi just for it.

Nostradavis3433d ago

The two screen DSI boss fights in the Zelda game sound interesting.

ChickeyCantor3433d ago

dude you havnt played phantom hour glass have you?
All bosses use both screens, some where really awesome.
TO bad it was easy though.

navyguy213433d ago

that was announced, was a solution to the storage issue, now the Wii can FINALLY get DLC!!

techie3433d ago

Excellent. Great to have someone there. And that Zungre is hawt ;)

Shnazzyone3433d ago

wait... he refuses to get on the LOZ bandwagon until link talks??? what an idiot.