Zelda for DS is not the biggest surprise today

Even though Satoru Iwata's GDC keynote was filled with great news for hardcore gamers, the Wii storage solution, VC Arcade, and even the announcement of a new Zelda is not the biggest news for today.

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beast3161d ago

Why are you saying its Nintendo related. He never said it was nintendo related. Just like He said it was Gear of War 2 type.. ease up fanyz

beast3161d ago

Here is the proof it has nothing to do with nintendo ... thank you very much

TheColbertinator3161d ago

Interesting...but seriously they should have taken advantage at the keynote

pwnsause3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

i still want to say that this "surprise" is Microsoft related since they have to show what they have this year.

Sony has given us an idea of what their library is going to look like this year. so i dont think its them. I would be surprised if it is.

jay23161d ago

I think someones going to A.wake soon.

pwnsause3161d ago

well that guy has to "WAKE" up.

butterfinger3161d ago

"Big surprise is multi-platform. And it goes down in about 6 or 7 hours."

WhittO3161d ago

I hope they make MGS5 exclusive to ps3 (although its 95% certain to be multi-plat, MS will never let another one go, i bet they offered a stupid amount of money for MGS4 but instead got a deal for MGS5 to be multi-plat.

I dont mind however if they dont try to shorten it and just give the 360 version multiple disks or something.

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