What 'Wii Sports' Boxing Once Looked Like

At his GDC keynote today, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata walked through designer Shigeru Miyamoto's design process. Miyamoto doesn't write design documents. He shares his ideas with a small group of developers who then make a prototype. Iwata said the developers may spend as many as two years making prototypes. He showed this example: the prototype for "Wii Sports" boxing. Good prototypes get greenlit for production. Iwata siad he tries to avoid asking Miyamoto how things are going, so as to keep the development team from cutting corners.

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ChickeyCantor3219d ago

I love how prototypes look!
I'm working on a small project for some company, and the beginning looks lame, almost pathetic...but then you add the visuals and effects...=D awesome.

Although wii-sports wasn't impressive on the eye XD

N4g_null3219d ago

You started it what are you working on sidar!?

ChickeyCantor3219d ago

Its a small game for on a multitouch table.
Its pretty simple pretty much casual. Its for this company who is gonna have a compitition with their own workers.

But as of right now it looks VERY VERY atari like, with simple shapes and stuff.
But eventually you add pretty gfx and things come to life.
If the game works, then you can make it pretty =D.

N4g_null3218d ago

Sweet I won't be able to make it pretty but I know plenty of people who can other wise I would get fired due to the hooks of the papers I signed LOL. Hey but pretty is very easy to do and many people have been laid off from big developers. Shoot me a PM when you get it to a good point. I would do it but like I said before I like my current salary LOL. I know plenty of people that can do the work for you though.

hatchimatchi3219d ago a genius. Eccentric at times but still a genius. It's funny too, i read an article a while back and he said his kids don't play videogames all that much. Crazy