Final Fantasy XIII's Battle System Exposed

Regular non-gaming-industry Joes will have their first crack at Final Fantasy XIII in only three weeks, once Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete hits stores in Japan. Kind of crept up on all of us, didn't it? The epic RPG, due out before the end of the year over there, looks to involve everything people love and hate about the series -- and if the battle system (first revealed in full this week in assorted Japanese magazines) is any indication, fans don't have much really new to worry about.

The battles in Final Fantasy XIII are basically realtime; you can see enemies on the game map and fall into battle when you come into contact with them. Your party has a time gauge that fills up over time, and once it reaches a certain level, you can execute commands. This is sort of like the "Active Time Battle" system we saw up until Final Fantasy IX, but unlike before, commands can be executed even if the time gauge isn't complete full.

You see, the gauge is divided into sections; when each one fills up, you are able to execute one command, such as "Fight" or using an item. When the gauge is full, you can input several commands in one go and watch as your party executes them all at once, with the results depending on the sequence of your orders.

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meepmoopmeep3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

i'll find out Apr. 16-20th

oh yes, i will

i didn't like XII's much so i hope it's a bit better.
being able to set commands before the gauge is full sounds good though
then having it execute a huge combo

heroicjanitor3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Does that not sound like the gambit system?

meepmoopmeep3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

yeah it does in a way,

i hope it's not auto-pilot like the gambit system though
i hated that

i'll write up a preview of the demo once i get it.

heroicjanitor3527d ago

Do you speak Japanese? All I can do is say what I like/dislike or tell people that I recently ate an apple... I should really get cracking on learning that

meepmoopmeep3527d ago

Ichi Ban


i'm actually learning now though with Rosetta Stone thingy

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Unicron3527d ago

Interesting. PLEASE be good. PLEASE have sidequests. PLEASE go back to character driven stuff like pre-XII.

BrunoM3527d ago

yep ... pre 12 all games well lmost all of them did have great storys .. i must say i fell in love with FFx story it was amasing it was good and the side storys were on par ...

hoping the can top that on 13 and Vs 13

Bonsai12143527d ago

hmm, sounds like a hybrid mix of FFXII and FFX-2. ooh, call it..

meepmoopmeep3527d ago

maybe that's why it's X-II - X-2
get it?

KillaManiac3527d ago saying a mix of X-2 and XII just gave me the chills.

good lord help us if thats true, but at the same time...i think Square Enix has been completely backwards this current generation of consoles...

So I guess it makes complete sense for them to implement what everyone HATED....

Good ol Square Enix...

Gimme SQUARESOFT back!

Unicron3527d ago

People hate on X-2 a lot for the shift in tone, but I gotta say, the actual COMBAT system was pretty nice.

SpoonyRedMage3527d ago

Ooh, sounds good.

It actually sounds really cool, I hope they keep this system for quite a while like they did with the classic ATB.

Reibooi3527d ago

The way they are explaining it really does sound like it's a very beefed up and enhanced version of Final Fantasy X-2's combat crossed with a bit of Final Fantasy XII without the job system.

Where as in this game the time units are used as you use commands in X-2 the ATB bar would get bigger or smaller depending on the power of the attack you just used making certain abilities not as attractive to use as it may slow down the overall course of battle.

It sounds interesting to be sure I can't wait to get my hands on it and see how it plays.

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